New Trailer for Bethesda’s Co-Op Vampire Shooter ‘Redfall’: What to Expect and More

New Trailer for Bethesda's Co-Op Vampire Shooter Redfall What to Expect and More - Cover

Redfall is the next project from Bethesda Game Studios and Arkane Austin Studios. Since its announcement, gamers have been anticipating its release and the excitement only continues as Bethesda released a new story trailer for the game. From the new trailer, we get to see more of the gameplay and story of Bethesda’s co-op vampire shooter, Redfall.

Redfall’s new trailer reveals more about the origins of the town overrun by vampires

On Bethesda Softworks’ official YouTube channel, they gave players a taste of what’s to come for Redfall. In the trailer, we get to see more about the open-world setting of this vampire co-op shooter game. In the eerie town of Redfall, players have to go against different kinds of threats – cultists, regular vampires, and boss-level vampires.

New Trailer for Bethesda's Co-Op Vampire Shooter Redfall What to Expect and More - 4
Screengrab Courtesy of Bethesda Softworks via YouTube

Due to a mysterious blackout, the town of Redfall, Massachusetts are cut off from the rest of the world. Even the sun is nowhere to be seen as vampires start pouring in and killing off the townspeople. Now, a group of survivors have banded together to find out just what exactly is going on and hopefully, put a stop to it.

Aevum Therapeutics is the culprit behind the vampire infestation

The new Redfall trailer from Bethesda also showed how the town was just like any other American town. Everything changed when a company called Aevum Therapeutics began conducting experiments that toyed around with the idea of immortality.

Missing Persons in Redfall
Screengrab Courtesy of Bethesda Softworks via YouTube
  • They believed that through science, this feat will be possible. Unfortunately, things went south and thus, the vampire infestation in Redfall began.
  • There were other townsfolk who had no clue what Aevum Therapeutics have done. Heck, they weren’t even aware that the reason people started disappearing in Redfall was because of the organization.

Team up with your friends or go solo to take down powerful vampires and cultists

If you’re tired of hacking and slashing zombies with your friends in Left 4 Dead 2, then it’s time to make the switch to Redfall! This game is better played with friends as you’ll need all the help you can get to take back Redfall.

  • Up to four players can team up together to fight the vampires and discover the source of the blackout. According to Bethesda, each character has their own unique set of abilities. Every character also has different playstyles, making the game more immersive and enjoyable for players.
New Trailer for Bethesda's Co-Op Vampire Shooter Redfall What to Expect and More - 3
Screengrab Courtesy of Bethesda Softworks via YouTube
  • Although the playable characters are survivors, the trailer showcased how you can utilize supernatural powers to ward off enemies. Aside from conventional firearms and other weapons that are highly effective against vampires, players have supernatural abilities.
  • On the other hand, players can tackle the game solo if they wish. It would be a completely different experience but nonetheless, Redfall allows players to “venture into the darkness alone.”


The characters you can play as in Redfall are the following:

  • Devinder Crousley – A cryptozoologist and aspiring inventor. Armed with weapons of his own creation, he’s on a mission to prove himself.
  • Layla Ellison – A biomedical engineering student who interned at a research facility, where something went very wrong, leaving her with intense telekinetic abilities.
  • Remi de la Rosa – A brilliant combat engineer who has spent her life on the frontlines. With the help of her robot cohort, Bribón, she’s determined to help rescue Redfall’s survivors.
  • Jacob Boyer – An ex-military sharpshooter turned private contractor. Strange happenings on Redfall have left Jacob with a mysterious vampiric eye and a spectral raven that’s never far from his side.

Release Date and Platforms

Despite experiencing delays in the past, Redfall is locked and loaded for a May 2023 release. The game’s initial release date is on May 2, 2023, making it a perfect title to get busy with this summer.

Redfall will be available exclusive on the Xbox Series X|S and the PC via Steam. The game will also be available as a Day One release on the Xbox Game Pass, allowing subscribers to play the game at no additional cost.

With its unique combination of open-world exploration and shooter mechanics, the game is sure to provide hours and hours of enjoyment from gamers wanting a fresh experience.

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