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Valorant is introducing an eighth map along with the game’s next update. Here’s everything we know so far about the new Valorant map, Pearl.

Pearl is an underwater town set in Portugal

Players are definitely looking forward to the newest map in Valorant because not only does it look awesome, it’s still connected to Valorant lore. Like how Fracture was a former research facility, a failed radianite experiment caused the deaths of many workers there.

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For Pearl, the people living in the underwater town utilize Radianite to protect themselves from climate change. According to art lead Brian Yam, “Since Pearl takes place on ‘Omega Earth’, we wanted to explore how Omega Kingdom would approach climate change and how we would convey this idea visually.”

Moreover, Riot Games also honors Portuguese culture into the map with the art and sound design of the stage. There are murals all over the map which are made by actual Portuguese muralists. And as for the music featured in the map, it features a fado which is a traditional type of music in Portugal.

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What to expect in the new Valorant map

The layout of the eighth map in Valorant, Pearl is a bit overwhelming to look at. After it goes live in the game, it looks like we’ll have to spend some time learning proper map callouts because of its size. Moreover, the entire layout of the map was already shared online by ValorLeaks on Twitter.

Image Courtesy of ValorLeaks via Twitter

There are three lanes which two teams of five can utilize to either defend the site or attack it. Moreover, the middle part of the map is split into four different directions. So with that feature in the map alone, players are free to come up with different ways to retake or attack the sites.

However, there are only two sites in the Valorant map called Pearl which players have to be mindful of. The middle section of the map will most probably be a crucial part since it is great for both flanking and defenders picking off attackers one by one.

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Pearl does not feature any gimmicks in its environment. Some maps feature controllable doors (Ascent) or teleporters (Bind). But for Pearl, it’s up to the players to navigate their way around the underwater map.

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Riot Games is removing another map from the selection pool

In a blog post, Riot explained how they came up with the decision to remove Split for the time being. According to the blog post, Split is unavailable in both Unrated and Competitive games. However, it is still active on other game modes like Spike Rush and Escalation.

This change is going to be implemented starting June 22. As for Split returning to the map selection pool, Riot hasn’t provided a return date for the beloved map.

The start of Episode 5, Act 1 in Valorant goes live on June 22. Aside from a new battle pass, Pearl will also be dropping on that day.

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