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Since Wordle’s release back in October 2021, it has already spawned numerous spinoffs and similar games that have caught everyone’s attention. We have already seen quite a handful of Wordle clones like Quordle, Octordle, Nerdle, Heardle, Sqwordle, Lewdle, Worldle, and many many more. Now, a new spin-off called Cloudle is making noise around the community and it looks like it’s gonna rain! (pun intended)

What is CLOUDLE?

Cloudle is the WEATHER-WORDLE. Well, it is very similar to Wordle. But, instead of guessing a five-letter word, you will be guessing a five-day weather forecast of any given place in the world. As usual, you will be given six tries to guess the correct weather combination.

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  • Gray Box means the weather symbol is not a possible choice
  • Yellow Box means you’ve got the symbol correct, but not in the right position
  • Green Box means that you’ve checked all boxes. Symbol, check! Position, check!

Think Cloudle is difficult and might want to take a rain check (pun intended, again) on this game? Worry not my friend, Cloudle will still hand out hints and clues if you miss a combination. Pick a weather symbol and you will know whether you are on the right track or if you missed. If you have been on Wordle and some of its alternatives, you probably know these things by now.

Just a tip: try not guessing RAINY DAY on SAHARA DESERT during the SUMMER, the Weather Gods will probably never forgive you,

Cloudle is perfect for meteorologists wannabe who also loves the sight of great challenges. I assure you, after guessing the correct weather combination, you will feel like you are on CLOUD NINE!

The Wordle craze can’t seem to stop and it won’t be stopping anytime soon. Who knows, maybe we’ll get more spinoffs in the future with crazier ideas!

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