The first update in Amazon’s New World was ‘Into the Void’. The game had a lot of issues like bug exploits, duping, and other issues. This has compelled the developers to add new fixes. To encounter the bugs a new Patch 1.1 brought a whole new set of updates for players. However, it seems like the players are unhappy with the recent changes.

The update introduced a new set of enemies, as the Varangians Knights have arrived at Aeternum to loot and plunder. It also tried to resolve the issues. However, the patch has received major criticism from players for its innumerable in-game issues, additional lag, adjustments to the game, and hidden changes.

Resentment from Players

Players were not satisfied by the new updates so the review on Steam has shifted from ‘Mostly Positive’ to ‘Mixed’. The gaming community has also reported a communication gap between the developer and fans.

Many have also complained that to increase the time for the endgame, mob health has been increased, while the rewards for killing them decreased.

The overall experience and reviews by the players are not fascinating. The game has lost a significant amount of its player base merely a month since its release. However, the New World developers can still make comeback if they fix the bugs and introduce interesting updates.

Motes Removed From Elemental Creatures Is a True Display of the Total Incompetence of AGS from newworldgame

New World

  • New World is a title from Amazon Game in 2021. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Players were expecting it to be one of the best MMO games but after a few weeks of the release, players started noticing some issues and bugs in the game.
  • However, it’s still among the top 10 games of steam’s most played games on daily basis. The expectations of the players were shattered when playing the game and it was worse with the period of time.

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