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New World game director Scot Lane emphasized Amazon’s commitment on how to developing the game while also dealing with current problems and concerns in a recent interview. Naturally, the avalanche of exploits and bugs has consumed a larger percentage of the team’s attention than anticipated. This is despite the studio’s plans to release a slew of updates and content.

For one thing, Amazon has received a lot of feedback about the need for more content for lower-level and solo players, which will be handled through new quest lines and gameplay geared toward the single-player experience.

Quality of Life Update

New World is only three months old but has already seen its share of ups and downs. New World’s first launch exceeded expectations, attracting major streamers and a large number of concurrent players.

Unfortunately, the large number of players crippled the servers, prompting Amazon to swiftly spin up additional while also dealing with serious issues like long waits, server failures, and, in some cases, GPUs crashing or failing.

Amazon has nailed down many of these launch window issues over time with continuous upgrades and new additions. Specifically the Into The Void update, players have discovered other issues that are dragging down the experience.

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For a long time, game-breaking bugs and flaws plagued New World, threatening to ruin the game. One such problem allowed users to undercut the game’s economy by duplicating gold and supplies. With the population continuing to fall, Amazon has stated that it is working on more improvements.

We also need to improve the experience in the early and mid-game, especially for solo players, and we’ve already begun working on content for that. Our goal is to keep responding to what players ask for – feedback from players will continue to help shape New World’s direction.

-Scot Lane

Another significant focus is on quality of life changes, with Lane pointing out that a recent update boosted the run speed of all characters on roads. Other planned features include a means for people searching for adventures to connect, more quest and crafting markers, inventory access while running, and map upgrades. Fans will also be able to take part in a one-of-a-kind Winter Convergence Festival event. Lane goes on to say that a lot of these updates came from fan feedback on social media.

  • While these improvements will undoubtedly be welcomed when they arrive, the game still has a long way to go. New World’s recent Steam reviews are mixed, with many players complaining about new nerfs in the endgame.
  • With this, some fans decided to change their review score to negative. Some fans have even petitioned the creators to broadcast a live stream of them playing through some of the end-game material. Specifically the Myrkgard zone, in the hopes of encountering some of the more difficult experiences.

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