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The game’s first seasonal event, the Winter Convergence Festival, is now available. You may acquire winter tokens from quests across Aeternum from December 16 to January 11 to unlock exclusive new armor, weapons, and more as players try to stop the terrible Winter Warrior from plunging the realm into the dreaded Forever Winter.

Every day, you can get three gifts from the Tree of Light, which can be located in each of the game’s settlements. You can renovate each town’s tree by completing Town Project missions, which will increase the daily payouts.

The latest update to Amazon Game Studios’ MMORPG New World adds a new Christmas event, new quests, massive endgame improvements, and significant balance modifications.


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New World’s first major in-game event will leave a permanent mark on Aeternum too. Mysterious and deadly ice caves have appeared throughout the game world and will persist after the end of the event for players to continue exploring.

  • The most notable is the significant modifications to endgame content and gearing. The patch introduces a new Expertise system. This forces max-level players to boost their Expertise level per gear slot.
  • The system was initially meeting with widespread criticism from the New World community. Some tweaks are made to ensure that gears created and quest-acquired goods would not affect the new Expertise standards.
  • Gamers appear to be more accepting of the move. The update also adds a new endgame crafting component called Gypsum, which you can obtain through a number of endgame activities. This gives players greater control over how they improve their gear and Expertise levels.

The list of features included in the patch is extensive. New missions have been available to a number of territories. This includes a new housing-themed questline, as well as a new trade skill advancement system. Nerfs to a number of high-level opponents and more have also been done.

New World on Steam

New World remains one of Steam’s most popular games, consistently ranking among the platform’s top ten most-played titles. In recent weeks, the game has been the subject of various scandals. Scandals are ranging from Amazon’s shut down and the game’s economy on multiple occasions. This is due to item and gold replication exploits to time-traveling servers.

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