NFL: NY Giants Daniel Jones exits Dolphins Game | Neck Injury Update

Daniel Jones neck injury updates

Miami, Florida – New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones had a nightmarish encounter on the field. After getting sacked from the blindside by Miami Dolphins linebacker Andrew Van Winkel, the 26-year-old QB’s head suffered a whiplash. As a result, Jones was groggy and found it difficult even to stand up. Apparently, he injured his neck and was ruled out of the game.

Daniel Jones neck injury updates

After the play, Daniel Jones left the field with an apparent neck injury. Initially, Jones was checked by the Giants’ medical staff on the sidelines before being helped off the field. Although he was walking to his own volition, fans observed that Jones was definitely in pain. A few minutes after reaching the locker room, the team decided to rule him out for the rest of the game. Jones, who was attacked six times, finished with 14-of-20 passing for 119 yards and added 24 rushing yards.

It was reported that Jones will be scheduled for an MRI shortly after suffering the injury. But, during an interview after the match, the former Duke standout revealed his status.

“I feel fine, in some pain — it’s a physical game,” Jones said. “(I’ll) meet with the doctors and trainers and go from there.”

We could also remember how he suffered a similar fate in 2021 when he was forced to sit out the last six games of the season due to an apparent neck injury. Although it was never confirmed, fans speculated that his operation during the offseason after the 2021 season was related to his prior neck problems. Despite Giants head coach Brian Daboll’s optimism that it wasn’t serious, some people think Jones will be out for the rest of the 2023 season. The Giants are already in a bad position, and their offensive lineup just got even worse, with Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley out due to a sprained ankle.

Right now, the New York Giants have lost their third straight match and are now 1-4, the last in the NFC East. The results of his MRI and X-ray haven’t been shared with the public yet, but we will keep everyone posted. Story developing…

Dallas Cowboys star cornerback Trevon Diggs is expected to be out for the rest of the season

Dallas is now in shambles; devastating news shook the league. It all seemed like a perfect start for the Cowboys after getting their first two wins in the 2023 season. They’ve been locking down their opponents in their last two games by only allowing 10 points in total against two New York teams (the Giants and the Jets) while also getting a total of 70 points. However, the Cowboys’ defensive lineup would have to work without star cornerback Trevon Diggs. The NFL and various sources have revealed that Diggs tore his anterior cruciate ligament (left knee), and it’s not looking good, both for him and Dallas.

After news broke out about Trevon Diggs’ torn ACL, his teammates, coaches, the organization, and the fans were devastated. After getting an MRI, the NFL revealed that Diggs is indeed missing the whole 2023 season.

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy told ESPN that Diggs’ injury is an extreme blow to the team. However, he said that they are still optimistic, and this could be a chance for other players to step up.

“Obviously, you feel sick [for] him,” McCarthy told ESPN on Friday. “It’s definitely a punch to the gut for our football team, but this is an opportunity for our defensive depth to stand up and continue to move forward.”

How did Trevon Diggs tear his ACL?

According to sources, Trevon Diggs tore his ACL during a one-on-one practice last Thursday. Diggs had just turned 25 on Wednesday. After the drill, he was reportedly spotted with crutches and immediately underwent an MRI. Despite the unfortunate news, Trevon Diggs thanked everyone who supported him. The star cornerback believes he will come back stronger next season.

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