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More than 2,700 game developers were surveyed on today’s most hotly debated topics and their outlook for the future as part of the Game Developers Conference’s annual report. Other questions included NFTs (non-fungible tokens); a contentious technology that a number of major gaming businesses are currently using or even adopting into their projects.

GDC’s evaluation of developers shows that they aren’t interested in adding NFT into their activities at this time.

  • 70% claim they are not interested in incorporating this content into their games.
  • 21% say they are slightly interested; 7% are extremely interested.
  • Only 1% of those polled said they were already working with NFT, and that number is expected to rise.

How about Cryptocurrencies?

  • 72% that they have no interest in integrating cryptocurrency as a means of payment in their games.
  • 21% stated that they were slightly interested.
  • 6% of those polled expressed strong interest in this payment mechanism; 1% said they were already utilizing it in their projects.

While some poll respondents believe that NFTs will have a significant impact on the future of video games, others point to environmental harm and risky schemes as major drawbacks. An accompanying study also collected these results.

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Even though a portion of the gaming industry is eager to move forward in this direction (such as Steam or Microsoft), some firms have also expressed their disapproval and even others have had to back down after introducing them.

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