NFT Game MIR4 Introduces More PVP Content in New Update

MIR4 introduces new PVP Content in its New Update. The NFT Game provides yet another source of DarkSteel thru PVP.

The update on June 28, 2022, in MIR 4 highlights its New Content: “Heist” in Bicheon Castle Underground Vault.

Heist: Bitcheon Castle

A new update Heist is a weekly event that lasts for 1 hour from10 P.M. until 11 P.M (regional server time) every Friday. The heist is somewhat like a typical MMORPG game World Boss Hunt combined with defending the Castle PVP content.

This event is a cross-server event. It means both native and expedition (outside server) players can “Heist” or steal DarkSteel from Clans holding a Bicheon Castle. Higher Power Scores servers might raid servers with relatively low power scores which might be part of the strategy in choosing where to raid.

There will be 2 sides in the event, 1) Defenders, the ruling Bicheon Castle holder, and 2) the Heisters, the invading Native or Expedition Clans.
  • The “Heisters” can only be from the Top 20 Native Clan and Top Expedition 20 Clans. For clarity, Native and Expedition Clan rankings are different from each other and the ranking starts from non-allies of the Bicheon Castle Holder.
  • On the other hand, the defenders will protect the castle which includes allied clans both in native server and expedition mode.
Screen Grab via WeMadeGlobal Youtube Channel
Screen Grab via WeMadeGlobal Youtube Channel

The Heist event can only accommodate 400 players, Heisters. As for the Bicheon Castle holder, there is no limit, and not affected by this player cap. However, allied clans of the castle holder will have to queue like the Heisters.

Once the boss is defeated, a hefty reward awaits those who can open the Darksteel box rewards. The amount in each box will still be deducted and players will only get 70% of its content.

  • Legendary Dark Steel Box – 7.500 Million Darksteel
  • Epic Dark Steel Box – 2.250 Million Darksteel
  • Rare Dark Steel Box – 0.750 Million Darksteel

Note: It is not clear if each box will contain Darksteel or if these are the maximum reward in each box. Boxes may also contain Legendary Treasure Pieces, Mystic Stones, Darkened stones, etc.

Screen Grab via WeMadeGlobal Youtube Channel

The total amount of stolen DarkSteel gets deducted from the Bicheon Castle Holder’s Darksteel Bank. To avoid this, defenders can still fight back with the aid of “Anti-Heister” devices at the expense of clan resources. These devices can be destroyed but respawn every 10mins.

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Let us also look at some of the other updates along with the new PVP content.

Shop Quality of Life Updates + Wooska

  • Multiple items can now be checked out at once for selected products.
  • A new feature Summon ‘100+10’ is added. This allows players with at least 100 tickets to use this function while those with less than 100 summon tickets cannot.
  • Legendary Spirit ‘Dark Crown Prince Wooska’ enters MIR4 and is now available exclusively in Legendary Spirit Summon.
Screen Grab via WeMadeGlobal Youtube Channel

Expedition Updates

  • The recently released feature gets an update with the “Expedition Mission” content.
  • Missions from the Expedition Tab can only be accepted when players are in Expedition.

Wayfarer Travel

Tickets used for Wayfarer travel decreased for Changing Continents and Changing Regions while Changing Worlds ticket costs still remain the same. Players can now visit other servers more frequently for a lower cost.

  • Continents Travel – from 3 tickets to 2 tickets.
  • Region Travel – from 2 tickets to 1 ticket.
  • World Travel – stays at 1 ticket.

Hidden Valley Restrictions

  • Players with a “Bad” Alignment status are not allowed in Hidden Valley anymore.

Tip: Killing monsters within 5 levels of the player’s level clears bad status / red status.

For more details, regarding the Heist event and full update details, visit MIR4 Heist and June 28 Update and Mir4 Notice on Hidden Valley and War Activation.

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While NFT Games are highly controversial, MIR4 tries to bring more excitement to the game and engage a more competitive and fun environment for players. If you have any questions or you feel that we missed something, please feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

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