Nickelodeon: All★Star Brawl, New Fighters!

New characters are coming to Nickelodeon All★Star Brawl! It seems like the Nintendo eShop might just have revealed what to expect. An image that was posted on the eShop revealed four new members for the roster in Nickelodeon All★Star Brawl.

Since July, the new Super Smash Bros-like starring Nickelodeon cartoon characters has seen great reception in the gaming community. The game has also been one of the most hyped games this year.

It combined the frenetic fighting gameplay featured in Super Smash Bros with cute, lovable characters from Nickelodeon. The excitement for the game is also about the wide range of these characters. The Nintendo eShop might have spilled the beans on characters that were yet to be announced.

  • Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl was recently listed on the Nintendo eShop website which included new information. It was revealed that October 5 might possibly be the release date, though it was not confirmed. The file will be around 2.9 GB on the Switch platform.
  • When the listing was first posted, apparently there was an image along with it that showcased a few members of the game’s character roster, which developers Fair Play Labs and Ludosity, and publisher GameMill Entertainment had not shared.

New Characters!

This image showed four new characters, Aang and Korra from our favorite Avatar series, Ren and Stimpy from the Ren & Stimpy Show. Some people did get a good look at it, and it has caused another wave of excitement in fans. The new characters are expected to be revealed soon; as the image has been leaked by Nintendo itself already.

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