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Ninja Already Reached A Million Subscribers On Mixer

Only a few days have passed since Ninja, the famous streamer who got his fortune thanks to Fortnite, announced the abandonment of Twitch in favor of Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming platform. On the site owned by Amazon the player could count on as many as 14 million followers, a figure that has made him the most successful twitcher in the gaming field, followed by Shroud and Tfue.

Clearly, with the transition from Twitch to Mixer Ninja lost the community he had created over the years, but this is already being reformed, day after day. Now, the streamer has announced that he has reached one million subscribers. You can see his message, shared via social media, below.

Keeping this pace, he could reach several million in a short time. Perhaps he will not be able to get close to Twitch’s 14 million since it is not said that everyone follows him on Mixer. According to sources, he was paid a jaw-dropping 50 million dollars.

Furthermore, he is not the only streamer willing to abandon Twitch. Dr Disrespect has in fact declared, in his usual over the top tone, that he could accept an offer from Microsoft, but only if it was equal to or greater than that received by Ninja.

Tell us, did you follow Ninja on Twitch? Have you switched to Mixer now?


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