Ninja Has Doubled The Mixer Downloads

Apparently, from the latest data released, it looks like Microsoft was right to hire Ninja on its Mixer platform. The announcement of Ninja’s Mixer exclusivity has recorded a doubling of the downloads for the streaming platform of Microsoft.

“Mixer jumped from position #747 on the US App Store to #13 after the Ninja announcement”, said Randy Nelson, head of Sensor Tower’s mobile sector. On Android, Mixer is #12 at most downloaded from the Google Play Store.

According to the Sensor Tower, the result is more than satisfactory. These downloads mean a great deal to the company, which is seeing itself repaid for its substantial investment in the former Twitch star.

We also recall that Tom Warren, senior editor of The Verge, revealed that the amount paid by Microsoft to Ninja to abandon Twitch and stream exclusively on Mixer, would be around more than 50 million dollars.

“We estimate that the app was installed the day before yesterday by 26,000 new users worldwide through the App Store and Google Play”, said Nelson. “This was an 86% increase compared to the 14,000 new installations of the previous day”. All this happened even before Ninja had streamed even a second of gameplay on the platform. His first stream attracted more than 70,000 viewers, in line with its standard Twitch audience size.

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