NateDrake, a YouTuber, in one of his latest podcasts alleged that other platforms are likely to show up on Nintendo’s online service soon and believe that N64 will be there. He claimed that the N64 will come with a new tier of online subscriptions for Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo Switch Online will be involving N64 in the near future, according to an insider. NateDrake, an insider, revealed earlier that Game Boy and Game Boy Color games were planned to be bought to Nintendo Switch Online.

Old school gaming enthusiasts crave vintage consoles on Nintendo Switch. As far as the discussions and talks go, they might actually be coming in near future. 

Nintendo Switch Online “Premium”

NateDrake asserted on his podcast, “Eurogamer went one step further, having noted that additional platforms will also be added to Nintendo Switch Online in the future. And today I would like to add to that, yes – that information is accurate and one of the platforms that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch Online in the future is the revolutionary Nintendo 64.”

“What I’m going to propose, is that when Nintendo 64 does come to Nintendo Switch Online it is going to come with a higher-priced tier – a premium version of Nintendo Switch Online if you will,” proclaimed NateDrake. “I don’t think they would try to double the price of it… I’d come in at $30 a year, $35 would be the ceiling, any more than that I think Nintendo would be really pushing things.”

Annual Membership

An annual Nintendo Switch Online membership is evidently cheaper than Sony’s PlayStation Plus and Microsoft’s Xbox Live (subscription prices start at $3.99 / £3.49 / AU$5.95 a month). 

“I mean that’s a guess but you know, we will find out as we said, September is the month of reveals, the anniversary of the platform itself, so hopefully, we have some news about Nintendo Switch Online this month, but there is no rule that it has to come this month”, NateDrake adds. 

Some consider Nintendo’s NES and SNES games which are on Switch Online service as unreasonable additions. It is definite that the N64 games are good for service and will bring more Switch subscribers.

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