Recent hacking attempts have affected approximately 160,000 accounts that use a Nintendo Network ID to login to their Nintendo Account. Nintendo Japan has confirmed this and has issued a statement regarding the same.

The hackers have access to private data, including birthdays, names, and countries. Credit card details seem to be unaffected. To keep the situation in control, Nintendo has abolished the function of logging in to a Nintendo account via Nintendo Network ID (NNID). In addition, passwords will be reset sequentially for NNIDs and Nintendo accounts that may have been affected by the hacks. Accounts with suspicious login attempts will have their passwords reset as well.

Nintendo will email NNID account holders requesting to reset their passwords, avoiding the password they already used for other services. 2 Factor Authorization or 2FA is highly recommended for those who receive emails from Nintendo.

Although Nintendo confirms credit card/PayPal information isn’t affected, it is highly recommended you set a new password and turn on two-step verification for your account. If users find out any unauthorized purchase or transaction, they are requested to contact Nintendo for an individual investigation.

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