Nintendo Files 1,300 Copyright Claims Against YouTuber


Not surprisingly, Nintendo has been on the prowl for content creators whose work involves the company’s original work. Another day, another 1,300 complaints against a YouTuber.

Nintendo regards its intellectual property as holy and forbids anybody from tampering with it. GilvaSunner, a Youtuber noted for sharing Nintendo game soundtracks to the site, is one example of this. Zelda, Pokémon, Kirby, and Mario are all available on his YouTube account. Nintendo has chosen to take action against a total of 1300 videos that it deems to be infringing on its copyrights.

A horrible choice for the Youtuber in question. He doesn’t make money from the videos he uploads to YouTube, Despite this, he insists that he is neither enraged nor startled by the news. Even so, he has a hard time comprehending this statement because there are very few alternatives for listening to the company’s licensed music. If this penalty is designed to serve as a warning to others, he says he is prepared to hand over his channel to Nintendo since it’s their content.

Piracy Problem

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Nintendo has tried to track down GilvaSunner (August 2019, then December 2020). From eSport events to fan games, and even emulation, Nintendo is adamant about the integrity of its brands. As a starting point, we remember their win over Matthew Storman, who founded RomUniverse, a Nintendo pirated game hosting site. Many fan-made Pokémon games (often lauded by the community) have been pulled down from the internet by their authors due to pressure from “Big N”.

Image Courtesy of Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

Why is Nintendo so firm? Controlling the quality of their products is their primary goal. During a time when Nintendo was less proactive, several of its creations received negative press. In particular, we recall the 1993 release of the Mario Brothers film.

Today, the number of studios Nintendo is willing to entrust with its babies is as little as the fingers on a hand. Among them are the makers of Brace Yourself Game and Blitworks Studio, who developed a fantastic version of their Crypt of the Necrodancer (Zelda).

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