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Nintendo Shares Fall By 4.3 Per Cent After Switch Lite’s Disappointing Performance

Nintendo recently launched the Nintendo Switch Lite, a more affordable version of its popular console Switch. While there was a lot of hype around the console before launch, the response about the console hasn’t been that good after release. That has led to a slump in the stock market for Nintendo.

As one can see, Nintendo shares have dropped by about 4.3% owing to the Switch Lite’s disappointing sales figures. This is the biggest drop since 6th February 2019. While total sales stand at over 160k units, it is still about half the market speculations, hinting towards the fact that the console hasn’t been a success.

The Switch Lite hasn’t got the best of receptions from the fans. One of the major reasons for concern is the presence of Joycon drift in the console, something which should’ve been fixed given that it was present in the original Switch as well.

Md Armughanuddinhttp://www.spieltimes.com
An avid journalist, an ardent programmer, and a forever rookie gamer, Armu has a knack in finding news at the earliest.


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