Nintendo Stated That The Switch Lite Will Not Replace Their 3DS

Today Nintendo has revealed to the world its Switch Lite, a redesigned version of the device that was explicitly designed to be portable in every way.

Unlike the main switch, it cannot be connected to a TV. It may, therefore, be thought that this device will mark the death of Nintendo 3DS, but Nintendo does not see it this way: “We will continue to support our family of 3DS systems as long as they exist”, said Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo America.

The titles released on 3DS have recently been reduced and no E3 games have been shown for this console. But, the Nintendo 2DS is still much more accessible than the latest novelty presented. It is obviously Nintendo’s own interest that the product remains in the catalog.

Anyway, let’s remember that the price of the Nintendo Switch Lite will be $199,99. That is the same as the top-of-the-range 3DS, while the entry-level model, or 2DS, costs $79 in the United States. To date, the price for the European market has not yet been confirmed, but we will surely expect an increase of about thirty euros, as it was at the launch of the original Switch.

Are you still a Nintendo 3DS fan, let us know!

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