Nintendo Targets Modder Behind Super Mario 64 Online Mod For Copyright Infringement.

Mod for the 1996 Nintendo 64 game Super Mario 64, allowing upto 24 player multiplayer was released last week. Soon the elaborate hack gained massive attention by the gaming community. Kaze Emanuar, the man who has been developing hacks and mods for the game for years.

The mod was free to download, until this morning. You can no longer download it, as the attention it got also made nintendo to take it down for copyright issues.

Many of the videos on Kaze Emanuar’s Channel have been removed from Youtube. His patreon account was also shut down without any notice or message. According to Emanuar most of his accounts were shut down without any message from Nintendo. His Last weeks video from this mod had gained over a Million views before being taken down.

Emanuar believes that this strike might be because of the upcoming release of Super Mario Odyssey. So, he plans to continue developement on the mod only after Odyssey’s release in october.


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