Nintendo Switch
Courtesy of Nintendo

Since the world locked itself inside homes, the video game industry saw an aggressive upsurge in its sales. One of the major players who benefitted the most was Nintendo.

Both the Nintendo Switch and the widespread popularity of Animal Crossing: Horizons gave Nintendo the upper-hand in dominating the video game industry during the pandemic.

For the month of May, Nintendo Switch was the #1 platform, both best-selling and usage-wise. Hardware spending grew by 56% compared to the previous year. The figures were close to $235 million. This is the highest figure for May since 2010.

In fact, From January 2020 through May, the Switch had the highest sales in US video game history. Spending on accessories and game cards increased by 32% in May as compared to the previous year. The increase amounted to roughly $304 million. Year-to-date spending has also increased to $1.6 billion, which is a 12% increase.

Not just in the white market, but people have been trading Switch consoles in the grey market quite actively since the pandemic broke out. Dealers and traders have been more active in their business and have made significant profits altogether.

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