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It has been 12 months since Nintendo Switch OLED’s release. We think that Nintendo Switch 2 (or Pro!) is probably in the works, and here’s what we know so far!

Nintendo Switch Consoles

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Nintendo has released three Switch consoles after five years since its first release: Switch, Switch Lite, and the latest Switch OLED Model. Having the latest OLED up on the market, it has a 7-inch OLED screen, enhanced audio, 64 GB internal storage, and even three modes on the go. But, fans have been wanting another new console from the gaming console company.

What’s in it for this rumored Switch?

Aside from incorporating OLED’s specifications, there are uncertain leaks (but it’s not wrong to hope though!) that said that Switch Pro would have an Nvidia Tegra Xavier processor, 64GB storage, 4K video support, and two USB-C ports.

Well, this may be associated with a TV-only console, yet still unlikely. Moreover, another leak contains the use of the new Exynos 1000 chip with AMD graphics built-in which Samsung and AMD are expected to be working on. This would be an awesome boost for Nintendo’s CPU.

Additionally, it is rumored that they are to create their games 4K ready too. Another rumor is about Nintendo having to adopt a Mini LED panel by Innolux to bring their graphics to the best.

Nintendo is also in talks for a next-gen model and a few gaming media outlets said that they are in planning a new upgrade for the Switch (its joystick) leading to a rumored patent of Joy-Con-related in Japan.

Its Possible Display

The Switch 2 can stick to the OLED model because of its less usage of brightness. OLEDs are at an advantage as less power consumption when it’s just video, and may consume more when brighter video games are played. Nintendo’s OLEDs come from Samsung’s manufacturing.

Moreover, here Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling enters the frame as it is speculated to be used by Nintendo. It is to produce a high-resolution display without affecting the performance or gameplay. In addition, reports say that the Switch 2 may be able to output 4K resolution, and maybe with a larger OLED screen too.

Well, this may be in favor of Nintendo DS and 3DS fanatics as there are leaks that this newest Switch release is a dual-screen console. Well, this is something to look out for!

Nintendo Switch 2 Possible Release Date

Furthermore, Nintendo fanatics that the Nintend2 is nearing. Well, if we base the possible date of release of the rumored newest Nintendo console, here is the timeline of the Switch’s release:

  • Nintendo Switch: March 2017
  • Switch Lite: September 2019
  • OLED Model: October 2021

Moreover, possible dates of release of Nintendo Switch 2 would be 2024 as the latest or 2023 as its earliest, depending if the said console is currently under work. These are only speculations, as there are no definite dates (nor teasers to ever look forward to!) for this release.

A few rumors we have heard around is a new Nintendo console drops in 2024, is this the most-awaited Nintendo Switch 2? However, the gaming console company mentioned once again that the last Nintendo Switch release could be up-to-date for a few more years.

So, should we wait longer or just a little bit more? We hope you stay tuned with us to know more!

Switch 2 Possible Price


Well, may it be released with a new appearance or just re-designing, the new hardware of the possible Nintendo Switch 2 is worth more money than the three older consoles. Nintendo Switch Lite costs around $199.99 USD, while Nintendo Switch estimates at $299.99 USD (prices based on nintendo.com). Ranging the highest price, Nintendo Switch – OLED Model costs about $349.99 USD.

Compared to PlayStation’s pricing, Nintendo sells at a cheaper with the OLED Model. This is their premium product because of its OLED display screen yet only added less than a hundred dollars from the original Nintendo Switch.

However, with this rumor of the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2, it costs a lot more than the OLED model. Maybe an estimate of more or less $499 USD for this new one. Right now, let’s wait for its release!

What’s Next For Nintendo and What Fans Want

The famous game and game console company has been quiet for quite a while. Maybe cooking something new for the fans? We don’t want to get your hopes up, but we hope the next Switch may reach our expectations (a.k.a. the leaks and reports above).

Well, there are other ways to enjoy the waiting game for the console. You may want to purchase other Nintendo Switch consoles while waiting for the possible Switch 2! We have prices written above, and you may check out Nintendo’s website for more information. You can also refer to our links below!

You can purchase on the link and even know more about the OLED model, and the newest specifications that it offers. If you want to buy a cheaper yet fun experience with family or friends, you may want to purchase the original Switch. Also, if you want to just spend a few for you to have a quiet, relaxing time while gaming, the Switch Lite may be the one for you!

Moreover, there are numerous articles and information that may be you want to have in the rumored Switch 2 but let us tell you two! Firstly, a 1080p display for a better viewing and playing experience, along with the OLED screen. And of course, a 4K high-resolution display when connected to TV mode may bring a lot more thrill and fun with its advanced graphics and effects.

What do you want to see in this newest Switch 2?

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Are you ready for the newest Nintendo console? If you have any questions regarding Nintendo, feel free to ask in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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