Nintendo Switch Approved In China; Tencent To Distribute It

Update: Analysts say today’s provisional approval doesn’t mean Switch would be officially available immediately in China, and due to Chinese preference for PC and smartphone games, the success of Switch is still not guaranteed.

The Department of Culture of Guangdong Province in China has approved documents related to Nintendo Switch and its distribution in China.

Tencent–one of China’s industry leaders in the tech and gaming business that has a reasonable amount of shares in Epic Games, Riot Games, Frontier Developments and such– has filed these documents. According to the findings, Tencent’s documents have been approved and the company will be distributing Nintendo Switch in the country.

In the Q1 approval audit of Guangdong Provincial Department, 106 consoles were reviewed and approved as of 17th April 2019. Nintendo Switch is listed as the 106th console, to be approved, along with a version of “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Edition (Experience Edition)”.


Nintendo Switch Approved In China; Tencent To Distribute It

Rough Translation

Announcement of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism on the publication of the Catalogue of Models of Machine Game Equipments in the First Quarter of 2019.

Date: 18-04-2019


According to the “Notice of the Ministry of Culture on allowing domestic and foreign-funded enterprises to engage in the production and sale of game amusement equipment”, “Regulations of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture on the Content Review of Game Amusement Equipment” (Guangdong City (2016) No.56) and other relevant regulations, the “First Quarter of 2019, Guangdong Province Game Equipments Contents Audited through the Models of Machine Types” will be publicised (a total of 106 models). The period is from April 18 to 24, 2019 for a total of 7 days. During the publicity period, if the content of the game equipment in Guangdong Province passed the catalogue of these machines, you can submit a review application to our office in writing. The products and related contents involved are questionable. Amend the remarks of the catalogue and resubmit the relevant materials for review within two days before the end of the public announcement.

Nintendo Switch Approved In China; Tencent To Distribute It

Rough Translation

Notice on the review of the content of game entertainment equipment in Guangdong Province in the first quarter of 2019

Attention: All 550 people of each video games entertainment equipment production enterprises; the work for the first quarter of entertainment device content audit has started. To get your content approved, please log in to the online application system http://sh.gegla.cn before March 13th and follow the procedure below.

Explanation(Image 1 and 2 combined): During the approval period of Q1 2019, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture approved Nintendo Switch amongst other gaming devices from 5th March to 13th March. This is the time frame allotted for the console manufacturers and game publishers to send in their properties for review and approval.

Nintendo Switch Approved In China; Tencent To Distribute It

106. Tencent Technology (Shenzen) Co. Ltd.

Nintendo Switch(Game Console) “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Edition”

Class B Console Game

Handheld video games console.

Explanation: Tencent has sent Nintendo Switch for approval along with a demo version of “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Edition.”

In an interview with Nintendo Everything from January 2019, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said, “We’re anticipating Asia to grow in the near future. In that regard, there are still many things we can do. So, we want to challenge ourselves in the Chinese market. Games on smartphones are now commonplace, so we’re not necessarily fixated on the necessity of dedicated game consoles gaining ground – we want to expand [into that market] by the best means possible.”

In my opinion, it’s a great step from both Nintendo and Tencent. This would only act as a way of flourishing the Chinese gaming market. Along with the Switch, the authority gave green light to distribute “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe” as well.

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