Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Class Action Investigation

They better fix this ASAP!

The problems regarding Nintendo Switch and the annoying Joy-Con Drift are absolutely not going to stop and apparently the famous Japanese giant will soon find itself also facing some headache of a legal nature about it.

Several and numerous users are reporting this problem on their Nintendo Switch. But what is this annoying and recurring problem? In a nutshell, the Joy-Con Drift is a problem that transmits false inputs of analog sticks to the console, causing various inconveniences to users.

Apparently, this problem seems to be due to the deterioration of several components within the Joy-Con. With some materials similar to graphite that, over time, have lost some debris that caused this problem of false revelations of input. This explains why, for example, sometimes a character continues to move without any action on the part of the gamer.

Because of these problems, the CSK & D studio is carrying out a series of investigations to better assess the flow of this annoying problem and, above all, to start a class-action against Nintendo and the Joy-Con Drift.

What do you think of this news, do you think consumers did well to start a class action against Nintendo and the so annoying Joy-Con Drift problem? Let us know what you think about it directly in the comments!


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