Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drifting Free Replacement And Refunds For Everyone

By now almost everyone will be aware of a problem that is affecting various Nintendo Switches. The Joy-Con Drifting, which causes the analogs (especially the left one) to send wrong and continuous signals to the console, making it impossible to play. It is not clear where the problem is. Most likely it is hardware and caused by wear, and the only 100% safe solution is the replacement of the analog or even the entire Joy-Con.

Nintendo has already replied to the issue, stating that it is aware of the reports and that it invites everyone to contact support. Now, however, the site Vice.com presents an interesting internal document of the Kyoto house, obtained from an anonymous source considered reliable. Here is what is written:

“Customers will not have to provide any proof of purchase for Joy-Con repair. Furthermore, it is not necessary to confirm the validity of the guarantee. If a customer requests compensation for a repair of the already paid Joy-Con, confirm that it has taken place and then reimburse”.

This means that, assuming it’s all true, Nintendo will allow anyone to replace their Joy-Con for free. Even in the event of a repair, Nintendo will compensate users. According to reports by various users, the repair cost about $40, ten dollars less than the cost of a new controller.

We emphasize, however, that Nintendo has not yet confirmed what emerged through this document and it is therefore not possible to consider this information as official. Furthermore, it is possible that this policy is applied only in the United States and not in the rest of the world. We can do nothing but wait for official communication from the Kyoto house. What do you think about it?


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