Nintendo Switch
Courtesy of Nintendo

Ryan Hernandez, the guy who was guilty of leaking Nintendo Switch before launch has pleaded guilty to federal crimes. Ryan had leaked several information about the Nintendo Switch right before launch. After further investigation, FBI contacted Ryan and his family and warned him of consequences, as per US Department of Justice. However, Ryan went back to his old ways.

Between June 2018 to June 2019 “HERNANDEZ returned to his malicious activities, hacking into multiple Nintendo servers and stealing confidential information about various popular video games, gaming consoles, and developer tools.” To make things worse, he started boasting about these activities in social media such as Twitter and Discord. He even shared these information on the said platforms. He also opened an online chat forum under the name “Ryan’s Underground Hangout” to share his leaks.

In June 2019, FBI raided his house and found several devices having leaked information related to Nintendo’s devices. He even had a staggering amount of child pornography stored in his devices. Consequently, he was booked for computer fraud and abuse and possession of child pornography, which could land him a sentence of 5 years and 20 years, respectively. Ryan has agreed to pay $259,323 to Nintendo as remediation costs.