Nintendo Switch: New “Cheaper” And “Enhanced” Models Coming Soon

Nintendo Switch

According to sources familiar with WSJ and Nintendo, the latter is planning to release two new versions of the Switch this summer. One version will be an enhanced model targeted at avid gamers, the other will be targeted at casual gamers, hence, a cheaper budget-friendly version.

Part suppliers and software developers, who have access to a prototype of the machine claim that the enhanced version won’t be as powerful as the current-gen market leaders PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Nintendo sees the other version, according to claims, as a successor to its ageing hand-held 3DS device.

Talks related to the newer models between Nintendo and their investors have been on-going for several months. The cheaper version will have some functions cut off, such as controller vibration.

Osaka-based Sharp Corp. may provide liquid-crystal displays for the new Switch machines, some sources said WSJ. However, the former denied any comment on the same. New games from renowned franchises like Animal Crossing and Pokemon could be the first entries for the new consoles.

Directly from WSJ –

“Some people say sales of Nintendo’s devices usually weaken in the third year, while others say games to be released this year are stronger than ever before,” one executive at a Nintendo supplier said. “I honestly don’t know how things will turn out, but I have my fingers tightly crossed.”

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