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Rumor has it that Nintendo Switch Pro is finally arriving this year. Fans are wondering if this rumor is true for this anticipated game console. So let’s find out more about this and try to put up a conclusion.

Not long since the newest Nintendo Switch OLED Model Splatoon 3 Edition has been announced last July 6 on Twitter. An insider has tweeted a piece of leaked information which tends to be about the Nintendo Switch Pro.

A newly leaked information

Pixelpar tweeted saying “It looks like could be announced towards the end of the year.” This sentence alone has sparked rumors again that it could be the Nintendo Switch Pro since it’s the model being anticipated a lot by fans.

In addition, there was also a tweet from Jeff Grubb last year saying “I still have only ever heard 2022 for a Switch Pro.” What makes it more intriguing is that this tweet and Pixelpar’s are on the same date. It might be a coincidence or not?

2022 might have the possibility for Nintendo Switch Pro to come. However, it’s not easy to fully believe these tweets when Nintendo itself has not yet officially announced anything about it. You may just want to take it with a grain of salt and take it as a sign to save up already.

What are the possible specs of the Nintendo Switch Pro?
Image Courtesy of Nintendo

Many speculations are saying about the Nintendo Switch Pro specs. Some are saying that it is expected to have an upgraded battery life with an OLED display and able to have a 4K resolution display. It could also be a slightly bigger size than the current Nintendo Switch models.

According to Inverse, an alleged former employee of Nintendo user Xhyll posted on 4chan stating the pro model is going to have major function improvements including a 4k support. If these speculations are true, Nintendo Switch Pro might be the most powerful model yet.

In Conclusion

After all of these rumors and speculations from different sources. There are still no definite proofs and official announcements from Nintendo. So right now, Nintendo Switch Pro is not officially coming this year. Fans can only hope for Nintendo to reveal it already while we still have 5 months this 2022.

The best thing we can do is to wait and believe in Nintendo only on their official website and social media accounts. For now, you may want to check out the recent releases and announcements from Nintendo below.

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