Nintendo Switch Sports: Online Play Test; How To Register

The success of Wii Sports called Nintendo Switch Sports will be heading to online playtesting from February 18 to 20. Those interested in participating must have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription (or trial) to qualify. The test intends to see network strength, fix any technicalities, and resolve bugs if they happen. Expect some problems since this is a test, and this version may not reflect the total experience.


Registration opened on February 15, and you can get your code through the Nintendo website redemption link here. Log in with your Nintendo account, click the redeem button and get the download code.

Once you have the code, you can redeem it through the Nintendo website or your Switch eShop. Click on the Redeem Code button in the bottom left corner and input the code. The icon will then appear on your home screen, and you can download it.

Image Courtesy of Nintendo

Play Test Details

There will be five global test sessions spanning 45 minutes each. The times set are:

  • 19:00 PST on February 18
  • 03:00, 11:00, and 19:00 PST on February 19
  • 03:00 PST on February 20

Three sports will be available during the playtest. They are:

  • Chambara (Sword fighting)
  • Bowling
  • Tennis

It’s best to try and register as early as possible since Nintendo iterated that there are only limited slots for testing. You’ll also have to agree to a document stating that you cannot share any details of the online playtest with others. If you do so, Nintendo can terminate your eligibility without any notice.

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