Smash World Tour
Courtesy of Nintendo

Many experts have stated that the 2020s will most likely be the pinnacle of eSports and the gaming culture as a whole. The main reason for this belief is the power of availability, as more and more games are becoming a fertile ground for competitive showdowns. One of the most popular multiplayer games ever, Super Smash Bros., recently got a brand-new tournament circuit, too.

The announcement was initially met with a heap of praise, with players of all ages rejoicing at the thought of watching matches of their favorite game. However, it was soon realized that the game’s creators, Nintendo, will not be involved.

The Implications of Nintendo’s Hesitation

When there’s a tournament circuit pertaining to a popular title, such as League of Legends and DOTA 2, the game’s rights holder is usually the driving force behind all the events that are to take place. So, why did Nintendo ‘chicken out’, exactly? It could be possible that they simply don’t believe that the resources they have will be sufficient to maintain a proper circuit. 

Therefore, you can view the Smash World Tour as unofficial out-sourcing of organizational services, if you will. However, the organizers of this series of events have denied any affiliation to Nintendo or Nintendo America. They did also mention that working with the legendary game development company would be an honor, so it’s possible that there may be a collaboration on the horizon. 

There is also the possibility of Nintendo thinking the opportunity is not feasible enough to get involved. This is true, as Super Smash Bros. never really had a distinct target audience. Everyone loved it, which resulted in a lot of casual fans. Nintendo probably thought that financing big tournaments and creating an infrastructure would probably be financial hemorrhage. Whether this is a risk they should have taken, we’re about to find out. 

With that being said, everyone expects Nintendo to ask for a slice of the pie if the Smash World Tour turns out to be a success for all parties involved. 

What to Expect

It’s not easy to get such a positive reaction to a game franchise that is 15 years-old. However, Super Smash Bros. is no ordinary franchise, as every millennial will attest to the enormous influence of this legendary title. The Smash World Tour is set to be the crown jewel of the game’s legacy, as it will span over a whole year, with 10+ locations involved. 

There will be regular tournaments in both SSB Melee and Ultimate. Some events will yield more points than the others and will determine the top 31 players in the world. At the end of the year, these 31 competitors will square off for a chance at a total of $250,000, with each Super Smash Bros. iteration netting the winner $125,000. To round the number up, there will be a Last Chance Qualifier tournament. Everyone will be able to apply for the eSports competition and get a chance to battle it out with the best of the best.

In Safe Hands

Even though Nintendo has always had a weird relationship with Smash Bros. eSports, the circuit will still take place under the watchful eye of, a popular tourney organization platform. This gives the whole project an aura of legitimacy from the get-go. 

Both and the World Tour’s creators have both stated that exceeding projections will result in increased prize pools, more perks, and much more. With their backs against the wall, Nintendo might actually understand the importance of supporting their communities.