Nintendo Beats Sony to Market by a Total of $1 Billion

Nintendo Growth

With highly successful products in the last few years, Nintendo manages to beat Sony in terms of Market Value

‘Pokemon Go’ and ‘Nintendo Switch’. Both terms are very familiar to all of us. And these two are the core reasons how Nintendo climbed up the market value, ahead of Sony.

Nintendo’s current market value is $49.8 billion. While Sony’s is $48.6 billion. With the success of both Pokemon Go and Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s sales rose rapidly helping the climb the top charts.

Since the release of Pokemon Go last year, Nintendo’s stock is up a whopping 160 percent, having closed on Monday at $352 (or Rs. 22,600), making for its highest value since 2008. Meanwhile, Sony’s shares closed at $38.50 (Rs. 2,480), and the company’s stock is currently up more than 42 percent compared to last year.

It’s reported that Nintendo might continue to grow with their prime focus on Switch and mobile devices, while Sony tends to focus more on their console systems. Keep in touch with Spiel Times to stay connected.

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