Nintendo’s Monolith Software Working On Three Projects

Monolith Software, under the leadership of Nintendo and to whom we owe in particular Xenoblade games, is in full recruitment. This allows us to discover that the studio is currently working on three games!

In recent years, Monolith Software continues to grow. So much so that it is now one of the largest developers working for Nintendo. Not long ago, the team announced to open soon a second studio in Tokyo. This launched a new search for talent and the most interesting is that the web page related to recruitments has been updated with three clues for the future projects of the box.

Thus, even if it was known that the Japanese studio rarely works on a single project, we know that Monolith Software is working on the following three titles:

  • Just like the latest main games from The Legend of Zelda franchise, Monolith Software is helping the development team behind The Legend of Zelda’s sequel: Breath of the Wild. If we do not know the exact implication of Monolith Software, it probably helps on the RPG elements of the next adventure of Link and Zelda.
  • We suspected but one of the future games of Monolith Software will be a new Xenoblade. However, we do not yet know which Xenoblade: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 suite released on Nintendo Switch? A new installment for the spin-off Xenoblade Chronicles X, available on Wii U? A completely different game? The mystery remains whole.
  • Finally, Monolith Software again confirms working on a brand new license. Again, very few answers on the exact nature of this title unreleased but it is an Action-RPG that should move away somewhat Xenoblade. The universe would be of medieval inspiration according to the artworks shared by the developer.

This should reassure fans of Monolith Software productions. As for the new games of the studio, do not expect too much too soon. Maybe we will have one or more surprises in the Nintendo Direct at the end of the year? In any case, patience is required.

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