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Travis Touchdown “literally touchdowns” again this year in an upcoming other platform releases of No More Heroes 3.

More than a year of being exclusive with Nintendo Switch, No More Heroes 3 finally gets a much-awaited release for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Initially released in Switch back on August 27, 2021, Travis Touchdown will continue his journey on PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as on PC on October 11, 2022. Almost 14 months since its debut on Nintendo Switch and fans of Travis will get to see him face out-of-this-world killers and become the best among the best in the whole galaxy.

Furthermore, players who might want to get a physical copy of the game may consider checking out No More Heroes 3: Day 1 Edition. This limited edition pack is already available for pre-order online at just US$59.99.

No More Heroes 3 Day 1 Edition

The Day 1 limited edition promo features some of the most amazing No More Heroes merch like:

  • Base game (disc)
  • 70-page artbook
  • a commemorative Santa Destroy “Moe~” license plate
  • plus, a CD with 22 songs from the game’s original soundtrack

In a release date trailer dropped earlier, the developers Take a look at the newest No More Heroes 3 – New Platforms Release Date Trailer as given by XSEEDgames on YouTube.

In this new trailer, No More Heroes 3 gets a refurbished graphic output with higher resolutions, improved HD visuals, and even more impressive framerates.

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No More Heroes 3 is the third entry in the mainline story of the No More Heroes franchise.

The first game first came into reality via Nintendo Wii back in 2007. Due to its fame and success, this action-adventure hack-and-slash game created by Grasshopper Manufacture birthed a sequel titled No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle on January 26, 2010. Since then, the franchise became quiet and seemed to have been lost in the horizon until they released a spinoff in the series in 2019 called Travis Strikes Again.

Soon after, the current and latest installment was brought to life by XSEEDgames and Goichi Suda (No More Heroes’ publisher) in 2021. The story follows Travis Touchdown, an uncanny heroic assassin filled with bloodlust killers out for blood. In this universe, Travis must fight every single one of them to climb up the ranks of the best superhero in the entire galaxy. He must do all of these to prevent the evil Prince FU and his 10 confidant assassins in their quest to conquer Earth.

It is going to be a tough journey for Travis but he must overcome his worst fears to save the whole world from these evil monsters.

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