No NFT Plans for Final Fantasy 14, Yoshida Tells Fans Not To “Worry”

Naoki Yoshida says there are no plans to include NFT blockchain technology in the MMORPG at this moment. However, he thinks it might have a positive impact on video games.

There is a lot of discussion regarding non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the video game industry right now. If Ubisoft or Konami are investing significantly in them, other businesses like Team17 or GSC Game World are giving up on their ambitions because of backlash from players and even other creators. The PC shop and Steam both rejected them.

Image Courtesy of Square Enix

Square Enix has stated that it supports blockchain technology, even though it has not yet been implemented into products. Now Naoki Yoshida has promised that the NFT will not penetrate the company’s MMORPG, but he does not oppose them completely.

Yoshida also highlighted NFTs and how they may be used in video games (and Square Enix). He was interviewed in a program dedicated to Final Fantasy XIV and future goals, including an upgrade in visuals.

“Based on how Final Fantasy 14 is designed, we don’t intend on incorporating any sort of NFT element in the game at this point. If anybody is worried or concerned about it, I can clearly state at this time that we do not have any intentions to incorporate that into the game.
I do believe the vehicle itself could potentially be something that makes the concept of a video game a little bit more interesting. That being said, we would need a specific game design that would accommodate for the concept of NFTs.”
– Naoki Yoshida, FFXIV Producer and Director
Naoki Yoshida (Image Courtesy of Square Enix)
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