Take in a good bit of Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street, mix in a little bit of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and have Jason’s killing skills do a threesome with these fellas. The result of this off-breed will be the creation of Art The Clown. Enter Terrifier 2 Box Office records.

Whose popularity has spread from mouth to mouth ever since its release on 6th October? The thing is that no one expected this American slasher film to make such big rounds. For a film with a budget of only $250,000, Terrifier 2 has made revenue almost 30 times its budget.

What does Terrifier 2 lead on to, this Halloween?

Sienna Shaw in Terrifier 2
The main protagonist Via the official trailer of Terrifier 2 in IMDB

Written and directed by Damien Leone, Terrifier 2 is a direct sequel to the previous installment that came out in 2016. The Terrifier sequel features a lot of Lauren LaVera (Sienna Shaw) who frantically hesitates to get into her Amazonian warrior cosplay and face a slasher clown. Sienna Shaw and her younger brother Jonathan have pitted against Art the Clown on a Halloween night in their small town.

David Howard Thornton portrays the killer clown and is interestingly not his second but instead third portrayal of Art the Clown. The first reprisal of Art the Clown was in Leon’s feature film concept named The 9th Circle in 2009. Ever since a full-blown film with the concept of Art the Clown was set in rolls.

The box-office sales of Terrifier 2 are crazy

Art the clown
Via the official trailer of Terrifier 2 in IMDB

The film originally began on 6th October, releasing over 770 theatres in the States. On opening day, it made around $805,000. Today the film is a sleeper hit, growing unexpectedly large despite an initial meager onset. It is to the point that the last weekend saw a total of 1,500 theatres playing the film and it has garnered over $7 Million at the box office.

What’s running for Terrifier 2?

Terrifier 2
Art the clown, courtesy of IMDB

The primary thing selling for Terrifier 2 is definitely not its previous premise. What may have assisted in its unexpected box office hit is definitely the Halloween weather that’s brewing strong. But its primary appraisal is what viewers had to witness ever since they dared to hit the movie screens.

The Audience’s reception is definitely letting more interested ones come

Apparently, this micro-budget-Ulta-gore slasher is so gut-wrenching that it has spewed rumors of the audience having to vomit in the middle of the film’s run. If that wasn’t enough, Stephen King himself took to Twitter to tell you how the film grosses you out in the right spots (the right is the wrong, in this grammatical context.

Word-of-mouth may be Terrifier 2’s greatest advertising antic

Terrifier 2
Courtesy of the official trailer of Terrifier 2 in IMDB

An analyst in Exhibitor Relations said that “This is where word-of-mouth becomes more important than any paid advertisement,” and seems undoubtedly true for Terrifier 2. The film hardly spent any of its budget orienting on marketing and promotions. Usually, filmmakers, even indie ones, are wary of this field.

A no-shot at promotion is a complete show of faith and a great stroke of luck. Leone may have hit the jackpot right, given the audience’s reception so far. Whether the film continues its reign on the next weekend is a question to be asked as its making its streaming debut.

The difficulties of a low budget in the case of Terrifier 2 are justified

Sienna in Terrifier 2
Sienna as seen in the trailer

David Canfield the VP of sales and distribution at Iconic Releasing said the following – “This has taken us all by surprise,” who took distribution of the film upon them. The distribution process was difficult, informs the distributors. This is primarily because the film is not recognized by Motion Picture Association. This made it difficult for distributors to convince theatres to open space for the film. Given as such, the film was only expected to run for three days, informs Variety.


The audience puking in cinema theatres aside and Terrifier 2 Box Office apart, the most sought-after critic, Rotten Tomatoes has rated the movie a high 87%. IMDB remains placid with a 6.5/10. Metacritic viewer score came out a whopping 7.8/10. Once it releases on streaming platforms you may think its reception will go down box office-wise.

While this seems logical but one can also attest the Halloween mood only sets in one time of the year. So although the streaming release may take the rankings down a notch, it should still contend well. Until of course, both the mood and the scare runs out, which it eventually always does.

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