Northeast Esports Championship and Legends Cup India

Hey there everyone! I’m finally back after a long hiatus and there’s something exciting I’d like to share with you today to start off your 2018 right! If you follow the Indian gaming scene, you might know that Indian Gaming Show Bangalore is near. The event will run from January 19 – 21 and it has some great announcements lined up for its fellow attendees. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to cover everything from the event but we can surely concentrate on something specific.

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Nodwin Gaming, arguably India’s largest esports company has teased a new photo on their Facebook page, revealing the biggest tournaments for this year. Admit it or not, all of us have been waiting with baited breath for this list. But, here a question arises. What does it mean to the community? Are they going to be deeply involved in the grassroots scene? Are they going to offer sponsorship to the players that show mettle? We don’t know yet, but we assure you, our team, is literally working around the clock (Try it. Message us at 3 AM and you’re sure to receive an organic reply! No bots! Trust me!) and we are committed to working tirelessly to give our best.

From the above photo, it is clear that we’ll see another season of the Street Fighter brawl-tournament, KO Fight Night this year. ESL India Premiership has been renewed for the year, so has Dew Arena. Now here’s where it gets interesting. This year, Nodwin Gaming has come up with 2 new tournament series, namely “Northeast Esports Championship” and “Legends Cup”.

Northeast Esports Championship

Oh boy! I can’t describe how excited I am for the Northeast Esports Championship already. The Northeastern part of India barely sees any serious tournaments. The last big tournaments that appear on Google are the Techniche LAN Gaming, IIT Guwahati 2012″ and “Alcheringa Lan Gaming Tournament, IIT Guwahati 2014”. Both of which, didn’t end up well. Yeah, there are a couple of Cafe tournaments, of which “Hopper’Z Arena”, “FOUG” and “Mario” are the most recognized organisers. But that’s just information from Assam.

With the Northeast Esports Championship, many players will be offered a golden opportunity of showcasing their talents and skills at a national level. Plus, it is a great way to connect the Northeastern gaming culture with the mainstream Indian scene. Well done Nodwin! Well done!

Legends Cup

League of Legends is, no doubt, the most played game in the entire world. And I’ve seen many gamers really focused and dedicated towards the game, here in our own country. But speaking of tournaments and events, I don’t know if they even exist here. Maybe that’s just because I don’t have any knowledge about the community, or because I haven’t done any homework in that field. *Apologies*

Nevertheless, it’s a good initiative to promote the LOL scene in the country and… well, I don’t want to add fillers, because I literally have no idea about LOL. Well, speaking of fillers, I just added them. Lol.

Make sure to keep up with us for more information regarding the Northeast Esports Championship as that’s the only tournament we’ll be focusing on. We already have a great team working on promoting the tournament and making it a huge success. Subscribe to our push-notifications and never miss any updated regarding the same. This is my Anubhav signing off with the infamous end-greeting… Happy Gaming!