Northeast Esports Championship Update; A Visit To The Northeast

Northeast Esports Championship

Nodwin Gaming, the biggest esports organization in India, made an announcement earlier this year. They announced the Northeast Esports Championship.

A championship that’d revolutionize the esports scene in the Northeastern states of India.

But haven’t we been missing out updates on the same? Is it heading in the right path? Looks like we have some updates on the same.

Read the announcement article here.

What is Northeast Esports Championship?

Northeast Esports Championship is an initiative by Nodwin to promote and uplift the esports scenario in the Northeastern states of the country.

The main goal is to connect the Northeastern esports community with the rest of the country.

“It’s my own passion project”, said Anup Dustakar, Esports Head at Nodwin Gaming in a soft conversation with me.

The championship will open a gateway for dedicated and passionate gamers. Nodwin plans to extend the championship for multiple seasons. Dota 2 and Clash Royale are your confirmed disciplines for the first season.

The community discussed why CS:GO isn’t included in the list of disciplines. Even when the community demanded the inclusion of CS:GO for the first season, Nodwin didn’t consider it for uncertain reasons.

When we reached out regarding the same, Nodwin told that they are yet to announce the final list of disciplines.

So, where’s it headed to?

I had a recent conversation with Anup regarding the Championship and its progress that went pretty profitable. Anup will be visiting the Northeastern states this week.

He said it’s for the evaluation and research of the scenario and a step towards making the Championship a successful one.

Also, Nodwin is figuring out the venues and making required arrangements for the LAN Qualifiers. Being an active participant in the events, I speculate the Championship to start anytime before June.

Fun fact. I have a lot of information secured in my word documents which I can’t release as of now, but will, very soon.

Anup Dustakar’s recent post where he announces his visit to Imphal.

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