NVIDIA Intel Possible Collaboration

CEO Jensen Huang has stated that NVIDIA may work with Intel on future graphics card production.

Every year at GDC, NVIDIA surprises us with fresh announcements ranging from DLSS-enabled games to the Omniverse SDK for game creators. A competitor, Intel, may wind up making the graphics cards or, more specifically, the chip that fuels them. During an interview, Huang surprised the industry by revealing that in the future, Intel would possibly produce NVIDIA’s graphics cards.

“We are very open-minded to considering Intel, and I’m delighted by the efforts that they’re making.”
– Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA

When questioned if he had any concerns that Intel will uncover NVIDIA’s strategies, the CEO of NVIDIA stated unequivocally that, in reality, he already recognizes them and has been attentive to their graphics strategy for years since both Intel and AMD were in the business. Despite the fact that NVIDIA and AMD are competitors in the sector of GPUs, NVIDIA claims that they are also allies.

Image Courtesy of Nvidia

The fact is that all of the firms have reached a point of maturity where they understand the need of working together to improve, say, the utilization of Intel and AMD laptop CPUs with NVIDIA graphics.

“We have been working closely with Intel, sharing with them our roadmap long before we share it with the public, for years.
Intel has known our secrets for years. AMD has known our secrets for years. We are sophisticated and mature enough to realize that we have to collaborate.”
– Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA

Jensen Huang, NVIDIA CEO
Image Courtesy of NVIDIA

If it does end up producing NVIDIA GPUs, Intel will enhance its relationship with the graphics card maker. ARC Alchemist gaming versions from Intel, on the other hand, are set to go on sale in May or June, with the goal of competing with both the green brand and AMD.

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SOURCE: Tom’s Hardware

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