Obtaining Diablo 4 Early Access Beta key from KFC: Last date, how to redeem, and more

Diablo 4 set to release on June 6, 2023

Diablo fans are rooting for the release of its fourth installment to the franchise, which is dated to start on June 6, 2023. Blizzard has set up the Early Access Open Beta for players to experience what the game will feel like. As it stands now, there are various ways to obtain the Diablo 4 beta key, and the one that will be discussed in particular can be acquired by ordering sandwiches from KFC

The fast food chain is renowned for its extensive collaboration with game developers. This time it has paired up with Blizzard with a single objective in mind, Diablo 4 Early Access Beta. For anyone, getting to play a game at the cost of a sandwich seems like a good bargain. Stay tuned to learn more about how to acquire and redeem the Beta key.

How to get Diablo 4 Early Access Beta key from KFC? Last date, redemption process, and more

There has been an official tweet from KFC to market the upcoming Diablo 4 game. It says that gamers can now obtain the key to the Early Access Beta by ordering the Double Down sandwich. There are key pointers here to successfully get the redeem code: 

  1. Firstly, you have to use the KFC app or visit the website at KFC.com to order the chicken sandwich.
  2. Make sure that you use an active Email ID for the order since they will send the beta key directly to the email. 
  3. Note that only one key will be given out per ID. There is no option to get a second key using the same account. 
  4. This offer is only available for the residents of the US. It will not work if you belong to any other location outside. 
  5. The code will activate only the Early Access Beta and not the actual game upon release. 
  6. The promotional offer is valid from March 9 to March 182023

According to the official tweet from Diablo, the Early Access will be live from March 17 to 19. The open beta servers will be available from March 24 to 26.

Redeem code process

From the Diablo 4 official website
From the Diablo 4 official website (Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment)

Given that you have received the beta key from KFC or any other Blizzard promotional content, head over to the Diablo 4 Beta’s official website. There will be a ‘REDEEM CODE’ button at the very front page, click on it. 

Redeemption code page for Diablo 4
Redeemption code page (Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment)

Connect your Battle.net account before clicking on the redeem button or sign up for a new one to continue with the process. Now login to redeem, and the next page will give you the option to paste your beta key. 

Make sure that you select the platform of your choice and the region carefully before it gets locked. Hit the final redeem button and you should see a Success notification. 

You will then be able to download and play the game when the Early Access servers go live. 

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