OG Are Your TI8 Grand Champions And The Curse Is Broken

The biggest clash of all time took place moments ago when two of the strongest Dota 2 teams stood face to face in the Grand Finals of The International 8. OG vs PSG.LGD, the hype could be felt all over the Dota 2 community. The question stood – Will the TI curse continue or will the consistent performance from OG prevail?

The teams stood 2 to 2 with the 5th match of Best of 5 being forced to determine the fate of the two teams. PSG.LGD had a great run in TI8 where they obliterated their foes in every stage before they faced OG in the Upper Bracket Finals who dropped them to the Lower Bracket trenches to face EG. With an outstanding 2 to 0 whitewash against EG, PSG.LGD was back in the Grand Finals to face OG once again.

OG had a surprising run as well. They were not considered as an elite team after going through a disastrous Roster Shuffle following the departure of two of their strongest team members Fly and S4. OG had to fight all the way through the Open Qualifiers to get a placement in TI8 with two new arrivals Topson and Ceb, including the comeback of their old player Ana.

This didn’t stop OG as their determination carried them through victories after victories, that too, with a totally new squad and put them all on the Grand Finals platform. The team stood top in the Upper Brackets and successfully carried the dreams of n0taiL directly to the Finale.

Game 5 raged on and  PSG.LGD kept dominating the squad of OG. They bullied OG in every lane and got a 4k gold lead at a very early stage.

When all hope seemed lost and PSG.LGD almost took the Roshan, an unforeseen team-fight from OG’s elite player, Ana, turned the tide of battle and PSG.LGD ended up losing their gold advantage disastrously. OG wiped PSG.LGD in one swipe and claimed the Roshan.

What followed after were inhuman plays from Ana, playing as Ember Spirit who got farmed very quickly after the wipe at Roshan pit. Ana went all over the map dodging Echos, Ghost Ships, Fissures and every other spell PSG.LGD cast to control him by using his quickly farmed Euls and Slight of Fist.

The Ana Ember was unstoppable and he was unkillable and created a havoc along the lines of PSG.LGD as Ana kept moving all around the map. The losing squad of OG took no time to overpower the already shattered squad of PSG.LGD and took game 5 to a historic comeback and win TI8, which broke the EAST – WEST curse by guaranteeing two WEST wins in TI7 and TI8 back to back.

What we can see now is the happy face of n0taiL content with his performance. The man who went through heavy Roster Changes, broken bonds (with Fly, about which we’re publishing an article very soon) and heavy losses, but inspite of this his determination never broke and ended up creating a new history in TI8.

In conclusion, OG are your new TI champions, winning the Aegis of Champions and $11M, while PSG.LGD will take home a prize of $4M.

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