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Activision has now made three more older Call of Duty games available on PC’s Steam store through Valve. The publisher earlier restricted the series to on PC, but it has since made the popular first-person shooter franchise available on Steam, where three new CoD titles have recently joined the catalog.

With Modern Warfare 2, Activision returned Call of Duty to Steam after a long time. The publisher has chosen to add three more of its most recent Call of Duty titles to Valve’s store, which is not surprising given how well-received the latest product is on Steam.

For a limited period, three Call of Duty games are heavily discounted on Steam

The 2019 Modern Warfare game, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Call of Duty: Vanguard are available for purchase on Steam. Thanks to a significant 50% discount applied to all three titles, Steam is offering users the opportunity to purchase all three games at just $29.99 each for a brief period, instead of the regular $59.99 asking price.

Enthusiasts on Steam should think about taking advantage of this offer while they still have the chance because it’s unusual for Call of Duty games to receive discounts that are this steep. Fans have around two weeks to take advantage of the deal before it expires on March 23.

Most people agree that the 2019 Modern Warfare is among the best Call of Duty titles in recent years. It has excellent graphics and a large selection of multiplayer maps. When Black Ops Cold War was first released, it received harsh criticism for having significant technical issues. Overall, all three of the series’ offerings are fun to play while killing time and saving money.

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