One Piece anime hiatus
When will One Piece return from hiatus? (Image via Toei Animatiion)

One Piece is one of the biggest and most successful anime of all time and has been on hiatus for a few weeks now. The fans who were eagerly waiting for its return finally have a piece of good news. One Piece will return this month itself, with insane animation and fight sequences of Luffy against Kaido.

Moreover, the other members of the Straw Hats are putting up a great fight with their allies against the Animal Kingdom Pirates and their Commanders. The Wano Kuni arc is nearing its end, and the final battle of Luffy and Kaido is a great way to pull the curtains on this beautifully chronicled saga.

Buckle up, as this article gives you all the updates you need regarding the anime’s return.

Disclaimer: This article might contain spoilers, especially for the ones who have not caught up with One Piece anime/manga yet.

One Piece: Exploring the reason behind the hiatus and its return

Why did it go on hiatus?

One Piece anime on hiatus
Luffy vs Big Mom and Kaido (Image via Anime)

The anime went on a hiatus, leaving fans dissatisfied and sad. But the reason behind it is much more practical. It went on a break due to the adjustments made to the TV coverage schedule.

Most of the airtime is taken up by the National Tokyo and Nagoya marathons. Since Japan values these annual events more, it is impossible to broadcast during the times One Piece’s creators usually prefer. So Toei Animation decided that instead of disrupting the anime’s schedule with unrealistic timings, it was better to go on a break.

Fans believe that this will be a blessing in disguise as they can now expect even better animation quality due to the salvaged time. One Piece animators had been working tirelessly for high-quality fight sequences, thus they deserve the short break.

When will the anime return?

The anime will return this week itself, as the long wait is over for the fans. In the upcoming episode of One Piece, Episode 1054, Luffy, along with the Strawhats and allies, continue their resistance against Kaido and his Animal Kingdom Pirates. It will be aired on March 19, 2023, at 9:30 am JST. The episode is called Death to your Partner. 

What can you look forward to after the anime’s return?

One Piece anime hiatus
Sanji vs Queen as seen in the manga (Image via Shueisha, credits of Eiichiro Oda)

There are brilliant fights going all around in the anime. The newest episode 1054 will focus on Sanji’s fight against Queen, where he will try his Vinsmoke mutations against Queen.

Yamato and Momonosuke are also working hard to stop Onigashima from entering Wano Kuni and killing innocent people in the process.

One Piece anime hiatus
Zoro vs King as seen in the manga (Image via Shueisha, credits of Eiichiro Oda)

Zoro will be standing up against the second commander of the Animal Kingdom Pirates, King, while Law and Kid fight it out against Big Mom, another Emperor of the Sea like Kaido.

Finally, the battle between Luffy and Kadio will continue. As the long-awaited Gear 5 transformation is promised this year, fans are eagerly waiting for the conclusion of this fight as it will be integral in deciding if the former will become the Pirate King or not.

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