One Piece Episode 1033 shows how Kaidou suffers from Strength

The thing about Toei animation adapting One Piece is that they kinda hack and slash. I mean it in an obviously good sense. One Piece anime Episode 1033 adapts Manga chapter 1013, and quite honestly it’s brutally amazing. It’s difficult to judge an anime adaptation on the scale of One Piece but here we are to do it anyway. One Piece Episode 1033 sheds some particular angles, including but not limited to – why Kaidou suffers from being the strongest in the world. (At least for a couple more episodes hahahahaha sorry, Emperor of the Sea). 

one piece anime episode 1033
Luffy’s eyes widen as Kaidou launches his weapon, courtesy of Toei Animation Ep 1033

This angle isn’t anything too nether-shonen. Being overpowered and suffering from boredom is a common theme in series that call themselves to this heed. One Punch Man is the typically atypical example of such a series where the hero himself suffers from the disease of power. Understanding this philosophy isn’t very difficult – when you’re strong you’re having fun. When you’re the strongest you have no wall to climb, it’s stale.

What motivates Shonen Animanga characters to grow

My Hero Academia Season 6
courtesy of Viz

Let us tackle this in this way. You are an Anime Shonen character. Irrespective of whether you are the protagonist or a side character, or a villain even – what motivates human growth is the wall that stands in front of you.

  • What separates you from that wall is the sheer will to dominate it. But when indomitable will meets unmovable force, it tends to get boring. The unmovable force is the wall which is impossible to push back any harder.
  • At one point in your character growth, you become the wall itself. All your hard work with blood, sweat, and tears (not the BTS Song) has paid its price. Everything was worth it, you are where you wanted to be in.
  • But the greatest price that is paid at the cost of being the strongest is that there is no one further to beat.
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Referring to other fellow Shonen Animanga Characters

Luffy launching his attack, via TOEI

Most Animanga Shonen characters are determined to be the strongest they can be. It’s a logical conclusion to want to be strong in a world where you have to compete.

  • Deku from My Hero Academia wants to be stronger to protect people with a smile.
  • Naruto wanted to be strong to prove himself amidst a crowd that seemed to find the demon within him unsightly.
  • Luffy wants to be the freest man in the world – the king of pirates, which is the metaphor for freedom. To overcome the wall beneath, above, behind and on all sides of him, he must become strong.
Luffy in One Piece anime episode 1033
Luffy announces his dream in front of his nemesis Kaidouu

You can only demand freedom if you have the power to carry it. As psychologist Jordan Peterson states – “Be a monster and then decide to be kind.” You’d rather be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war, a line we have all heard.

One Piece Episode 1033 pulls the curtains on Kaidou’s desire to be the strongest

one piece manga kaidou
taken from Viz, Chapter 1013

Here’s the deal, Kaidou suffers immensely but has accepted his suffering. Oda is a phenomenal storyteller. Even the most minute small villains in an arc get a backstory that droughts your eyesocket after what will feel like a flourishing downpour of tears. (Senior Pink is one example in the Dresserosa Arc) Kaidou’s initial appearances made us feel that all he is, is the biggest baddest beast of the ocean who deals in Devil Fruit test experiments. Well, of course, he isn’t anything like a saint.

Kaidou vs Luffy
Kaidou vs Luffy animation in Episode 1033, via TOEI Animation

But often one seems to be biased towards the idea that brawn will not have brains. Personally, my initial impression of Kaidou was that he was a ruthless brute with no thinking capacity. I was right on the first part but wrong on the latter. Kaidou can think, and he is capable of retrospection. It is just that he lost his match a long time ago.

Luffy gives his all against Kaidou in Episode 1033 (courtesy of Toei Animation)

Now this feels problematic because this means Kaidou is de facto the strongest in the One Piece world. Kaidou says he has long lost the excitement of battle when he is battling Luffy. This isn’t true, Kaidou isn’t the strongest.

One Piece Manga 1013 colorized Kaidou vs Luffy
Artwork  by Greish (via Devinart)

He should be one of the strongest. We have Garp, Sengoku, Shanks, heck even Big Mom for a taste. But the point he’s trying to make is that he’s not had a good fight in so long. He has been bored of his strength, to the point that when Luffy and Kaidou began fighting he even felt a pinch of empathy.

Kaidou’s empathy for Luffy came in the form of him not killing Luffy in one go. What Kaidou did instead went low and slow and let Luffy hit him a few times.

Kaidou talks to Luffy and tells him that he understands what it feels like to be at his place – at a place where he still has space to grow. It is something that feels like a luxury for Kaidou. After a very long time, it seems that Kaidou has finally met someone even coming close to matching him. In his excitement, he decided not to kill Luffy in one go.

Kaidou and Luffy Exchange blows, via TOEI

The Animation of Kaidou hitting Luffy is by no means meager

The animation of the Anime matches and even outshines the Manga in some panels but altogether fails in others. It’s difficult to animate something of this caliber, even for TOEI, given that they have to animate every week. Unlike anime films or seasonal anime, One Piece comes out every season and has to make do as fast as they can. Long anime of this kind usually end up compromising on the animation, something Naruto Shippuden has done multiple times. But despite the staggering differences, TOEI animation handles its job well.

One Piece Episode 1033 Kaido's Strength
Kaidou beating Luffy at the end of the episode, Via TOEI Animation

Kaidou really pulls the thorns on Luffy by the end of the episode. Honoring his own legacy, Kaidou recalls how he should have finished it in one go. Because whenever he lets the opponent off the hook, in the beginning, they seem to muster a false dream – an unachievable utopia. They dream that maybe they do indeed have a chance of winning against the sea emperor. 

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Kaidou’s Egoism is a reflection of his own achievements

One Piece Episode 1033 Kaido
Kaidou in Episode 1033, courtesy of Toei Animation

You may feel quick to judge Kaidou as arrogant but maybe I will justify this egoism of him with the fact that he’s earned it. Growing up in Rocks pirate crew did a number of things for him, including the fact that he became as brutal and ruthless as his colleagues. Having Whitebeard, and Big Mom beside him as crewmates of the same ship, along with captain Rocks D. Xebec is sure to make you feel pressured. I mean, these are some legendary powers in the One Piece world. To have grown up with them does put your standard of power very up above. Naturally, Kaidou’s own strength along with his judgment of strength was levels ahead of normal pirates.

One Piece 1033 Kaidou's strength
Kaidou after defeating Luffy in Episode 1033, via TOEI animation

It is for reasons such as these that Kadiou remembers, albeit faintly, the glory of seeing someone stronger than you. Of throwing punches that really hit and not kill in an instant.


It’s very interesting to see Kaidou be so confident in his own legacy that he knows for sure that Luffy is defeated. That’s usually what happens in most Shonen anime. The villain takes the helm and defeats the hero.  The hero is shown falling through the air, boom cliffhanger and the episode ends. Next thing you know the hero rises up. Goku did it with Ultra Instinct, Naruto has done it with his Tailed Beast form. One Punch Man is the only shonen I can currently think of that doesn’t do this.

Kaidou meets his strength in One Piece episode 1033
Kaidou meets his strength in One Piece episode 1033

Episode 1033 of One Piece did a number on Kaidou’s character. Wano Arc didn’t dive into Kaidou’s backstory as much as it did for some previous villains (for example Doflamingo). But the fists exchange between the two characters does give us a lot about them. We have known Luffy for years now, and if you know him more you will know what next power-up is all scheduled for him. Although for that we have some 30 chapters that will need to be covered. Expect some 40 episodes for the Wano arc to end but expect it to end with Luffy hell blazing Kadiou’s ass. Kadiou will meet the end of his philosophy for the first time, in a darn freaking a long time.

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