One Piece fanservice by Oda,
Fans on Twitter blame Oda of "hypocrisy" for his recent fanservice comments (Image via Toei Animation)

The SBS for Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece, was recently released. Just like every other instance, he has answered several questions from the fans. But one of them took all the limelight for itself.

The question was regarding fanservice in the anime and his views on certain “shots.” This has piqued the interest of a lot of fans on Twitter who have resorted to calling him a “hypocrite” for his answer.

One Piece: Oda’s reply to the question and fans’ reaction

The question and Oda’s reply to it

The question features a fan’s curiosity about One Piece’s fanservice and how the women in the anime show flaunt their chest but there are seldom any “underskirt p*nty shots.” Oda’s reply was something a lot of the fans did not expect apparently, and it really piqued their interest.

In the above tweet, you can see Oda’s reply which caused an uproar among One Piece fans. He says that it is something he is “not interested in.” Oda also throws light upon the fact that how various manga show fanservice which is “against the consent or will of the female characters.” Thus, he feels that “having females show their sexuality out of their own volition” is essential for a “happiness punch” which “is a much-needed revolution for the representation of heroines in manga.”

Thus, from this answer, it is evident that Oda prefers that women show their bodies of their own volition. This should be a good point, but for the fans of One Piece, it is a very contradictory statement for him.

Fans’ reaction to Oda’s reply

Fans have been flooding Twitter reacting to this. They feel that there have been numerous scenes in the One Piece manga and anime that contradict his statement. Like “that one bath scene in Wano with Sanji and the raid suit.” Someone pointed out how this contradicts “Nami and Robin getting violated in Thriller bark.”

Fans are pointing out different panels from the manga, like from the recent Egghead Island arc, as “the only p*nty shot in the series.” Finally, they have also resorted to calling him a “hypocrite” for sexualizing female characters in One Piece.

One Piece creator Oda and his reply: Final thoughts

As a lot of fans are calling out Oda for his apparent contradiction, there are others who understand him. As Oda is a legend himself, most of his fans are siding with him. Thus with a very small section of One Piece fans complaining, the real fans are apparently getting his intent behind the shots.

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