One Piece: Is Big Mom dead?

Ever since the end of Wano, fans have wondered what exactly happened to the former crewmates of Rocks pirates. The Internet recently took to storm when leaks of One Piece Manga Chapter 1064 made them beg the question, is Big Mom dead? 

The end of Wano arc was culminating for the two most fearsome emperors of the sea. The rulers of the grand line were thrown into a magma pit by the combined efforts of Straw Hat, Heart, and Kid Pirates. As such the fate of the two emperors who were thrown into the embers of hell was undisclosed. While Luffy tackled Kaidou, Big Mom was dealt with by the combined forces of Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law. 

What happened up til One Piece Chapter 1063?

Big mom
Charlotte Linlin courtesy of IMDB

Oda has already declared that the story has entered its final saga. As such the onset of the saga came with the appearance of a girl claiming to be Dr. Vegapunk. The Strawhat pirates stray into an island known as Egghead island, which is also Vegapunk’s research lab. After years of waiting, fans finally got more hindsight about the legendary Dr. Vegapunk.

One Piece Manga Chapter 1063 also introduced Bonney as the daughter of Bartholomew Kuma. When a pacifista resembling Kuma appears before Luffy and his crew, Bonney prevents the heroes from attacking.

Blackbeard invades Heart Pirates

Blackbeard meets Law in One Piece Manga Chapter 1064 1063
Blackbeard meets Law in One Piece Manga Chapter 1063, colorised by greciaagzz in devinart

Meanwhile, the Heart pirates led by Trafalgar Law are stopped by an impeding force of Yonkou. Marshall D. Teach invades them with the goal of obtaining the Road Ponyglyiph currently in possession of Law’s crew. Blackbeard’s crew is no longer devoid of devil fruit users, for almost all major members of his crew now hold Devil Fruit powers. As the pirates halt on a nearby Island, Law prepares himself to battle Blackbeard with the Ponyglyph on the line.

Is Big Mom Dead as revealed in One Piece Manga Chapter 1064?

One Piece Chapter 1064 is scheduled for release in Sunday, October 23rd. But the fandom of One Piece is no small cake when it comes to finding leaks. As such, multiple leaks hint that in Chapter 1064, Big Mom is indeed confirmed to be dead. (Or is she?)

Pudding is a hostage of Blackbeard and has awakened her third-eye

Top 7 One Piece Villains
Charlotte Pudding in Wholecake Island arc, via IMDB

This comes from the information that Pudding is seen as a hostage on Blackbeard’s ship. Pudding also has awakened her third eye.

  • For the uninitiated, Pudding is a member of the third-eyed lineage. As such it is said that if truly awakened, the third eye allows the user to hear the voice of all things.
  • This gives the user ability to read and decipher the Poneglyphs.
  • Given that Blackbeard knows this, it is no fret to see why he may have abducted her forcefully.  Pudding will also reveal, as per the leaks, that Big Mom indeed is dead. 

The Might of Big Mom is too big to fade away

Is Big Mom Dead? One Piece Manga Chapter 1064
Big Mom in the wano arc of the anime, via crunchyroll

Big Mom whose real name is Charlotte Linlin, was one of the most fearsome emperors of the sea. She was a matriarch and the sole ruler of Wholecake island – an island dedicated entirely to food, cream, and cakes. Big Mom’s character has always been a menacing force, comprising the primary storyline in Wholecake and Wano arcs.

However when Law and Kidd together faced the “Mum mumum mumma!“, the cake queen meets her seeming end. Luffy and the rest of the strawhats earlier considered her to be dead. Oda never actually confirmed it, and just left it there.

But wait up; Big Mom may actually not be dead

Big Mom dead in One Piece Manga?
Kadiou and Big Mom’s defeat in the One Piece manga, courtesy of

The golden rule of Animanga world is that if a character is not seen dead, they probably aren’t dead. As such even Pudding mentioning that her mother is dead may only be deceit. It is likely Pudding has also herself been strayed from the truth.

  • Given that she’s been kidnapped, it is possible that Big Mom survived but Pudding never was there to hear this news.
  • It should also be noted that during the final battle between Big Mom and Law and Kid, the emperor noted that their attacks will not be enough to put an end to her. This possibly indicates the likelihood of Linlin still being alive. 


Is Big Mom Dead? One Piece Manga Chapter 1064
Chapter 1063, Blackbeard pirates vs Heart pirates, via viz media

This isn’t the first time Oda has left the conclusion of a character unambiguous. Even Koby’s fate was left unambiguous as to where he goes after Luffy bids him farewell, only to be revealed that he was taken as a Marine later. Oda probably does this to build the story later on as closing a character with death kills away all the potential he has ever built for that persona.

Even after the leaks of One Piece Manga Chapter 1064, whether Big Mom is dead or not, can only be told explicitly when the story progresses further. Even if Oda establishes it that she is dead, he could just make her appear at the end with an awakened Devil Fruit power. As such, we can never really confirm if she is dead or not until Oda himself either mentions it live. What do you think? should she stay dead or is her character better off returning?

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