One Piece McDonald’s Happy Meal: Where To Buy?

One Piece McDonald's Happy Meal : Where To Buy?

Can you really find One Piece McDonald’s Happy meal characters online now? Did they even exist in the first place? Well, One Piece toys have been a collectible for more than half a decade now. 

The Legacy of the popular One Piece anime started as one of the most popular ideas Eiichiro Oda ever had. With the revival of anime fever among the Gen Z audience, One Piece is regaining its forever-existing glory once again.

Almost every anime lover considers One Piece to be one of the “big three” animes to ever exist. This means our favorite One Piece is out there competing with the likes of Bleach and Naruto. 

One Piece McDonald's Happy Meal - Where To Buy - Toys
Images Courtesy of Carousell and Shopee

The famous Collab between One Piece and McDonald’s Happy Meal

Why did we only come across the One Piece Happy Meal craze in 2022? Apart from the fact that the mainstream popularity of anime is spreading only recently, another reason is that these toys were predominantly sold in the Asian countries of Japan, China, Singapore, and Thailand.

Japan and One Piece McDonald’s Happy Meal

One Piece happy meal action figures in Japan were introduced as far back as January 2006, along with Pretty Cure Max Heart anime toys.

The collection release included the following characters:

  • Luffy
  • Zoro
  • Usopp
  • Vinsmoke Sanji
  • Tony Tony Chopper

China and One Piece McDonald’s Happy Meal

These legendary collectibles from China are easily available on sites like eBay as a part of the 2014 Happy Meal collection from McDonald’s.

Singapore and One Piece McDonald’s Happy Meal

We found a real-time account of McDonald’s introducing the Anime One Piece in Singapore as a part of their extra-value meal purchases on this blog. McDonald’s introduced the anime to Singapore and its fans starting on November 17 2014 and ending on December 14 2014.

Collaborating with the anime, they first introduced two characters each week. Also, there were only 100 limited models of the Thousand Sunny paper ship during the moment of release.

Thailand and One Piece McDonald’s Happy Meal

The release of One Piece collectibles in Thailand was quite recent, starting in January of 2019. In Thailand, the fast food brand introduced 8 characters in comparison to the 9 that came with happy meal packs in Singapore. 

Where can I find these collectibles today? Are they still available?

These days the entire collection of One Piece McDonald’s toys has become crucial to every fan and lover of the anime. But is it possible to still buy them?

Sites and prices at which the One Piece McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are being sold are listed below.


One of the top sites where you can find sets being sold altogether is eBay. If you want to get a complete set for the collectibles, you may want to check out eBay first.

Here are some of the listings we found and how much they’re going for on eBay.

8 pieces of 2018 McDonald’s Happy Meal toys One Piece set from Thailand $149.00 USD
Entire set of 2014 One Piece McDonald’s Happy Meal set from China $68.72 USD

Another great place to buy these collectibles is Amazon. However, you should look here if you want to buy separate One Piece McDonald’s vintage collectibles.

Here are some of the Happy Meal toys being sold individually on Amazon as well as their prices:

  • Den Den Mushi: $23.99
  • Zoro: $34.90
  • Chopper: $18.81
  • Usopp: $17.99
  • Luffy: 20.95

If you’re looking for a direct seller, consider checking Carousell out. It is a Singapore-based online retail shop that sells directly to buyers. Here’s one listing we found about the One Piece McDonald’s Happy Meal collectible. The seller has put it up as a full set. This set is the Singapore version of the toy.

  • One Piece McDonald’s happy meal full Singapore set: $20.00
McDonald’s/ Thrift Toy stores

In places that recently introduced the One Piece anime Happy Meal, you can find some stores still keeping them in purchasable condition. 

Contact the stores beforehand to make sure they have what you desire before you drop by.

One Piece McDonald's Happy Meal - Where To Buy - Anime
Image Courtesy of Eiichiro Oda

The One Piece McDonald’s toys are vintage collectibles to most people. With the increasing demand, procuring one might become impossible if an anime lover like you or me does not act quickly. 

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If you have other questions about the collaboration of McDonald’s Happy Meal and One Piece, feel free to share them in the comments. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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