The heavy waters that are One Piece have an ocean of things going on for the franchise. Not only is One Piece scheduling for its Jump Festa 2022 panel, but the manga is already on its final arc. To add even further spice we have One Piece Red still hailing the North American theatres after its victory in Japan. The One Piece anime merges with the Wano saga with Kaidou temporarily getting victory over Straw Hat. Recently, the creator of the Western One Piece Netflix Live-Action adaptation has revealed something about the beloved cook Sanji.

Why Sanji has always been a simp and not a flirt in the original One Piece

One Piece Sanji is a simp
Sanji is a gentleman, despite his countenance, image via Crunchyroll

Sanji has always been the definition of simp. The amount of blood he has lost over nosebleeding after seeing hot beauties would suffice for an entire blood donation bank. The fans have gotten accustomed to Sanji’s demeanor, however. Whether it be simping over Nami, Boa Hancock, Robin-swannnn, or literally any princess of any island the Strawhats tend to dive into.

Sanji is actually a gentleman

One Piece Live Action Sanji
Taz Skylar casted as Sanji, courtesy of the official twitter account of Netflix One Piece @onepiecenetflix
  1. Sanji has left a few stones unturned in his venture of animal temptations. Although I will admit to you these lines seem to make him into some deviant predator. I assure you Sanji is a man of honor. He’s a true gentleman and knows how to respect the gals for the queen they are.
  2. The over-brooding perviness is just Oda’s way of giving a comical element to the blonde cook. However underlying such comical appearances is a shroud of deep story and moral character. If you know Sanji’s past in growing up in the Vinsmoke family, and then his eventual retreat with his mentor Chef Zeff, you’ll know what a character he is.

Netflix’s history of Anime Live-Action is not that great, but!

Live Action Netflix One Piece cast reveal
image courtesy of onepiecenetflix

Now Netflix is kind of notorious for Anime to begin with. There are only a few Netflix-made Anime that have successfully appeased the Anime Fandom. Besides, most of Netflix’s attempts at live-action have turned out to be trash, according to many critics. The Death Note live-action for example got as hideous as it could be.

The only thing that gives a glimmer of hope for many fans of One Piece Netflix is Eiichiro Oda. The creator of One Piece himself will be supervising as the executive producer of the show. Oda has recently been firmly involved in new One Piece projects. 

How will Netflix One Piece Live-Action be any different?

  1. This time in Netflix’s new risky venture, One Piece Live-Action will hire actor Taz Skylar in the role of Vinsmoke Sanji. The young thespian has been recently sharing videos of training for his role, of winning the pull of his own kicks. He is also seen attempting to cook for his fellow cast mates, to tempt his role as Strawhats’ cook into real life.
  2. A user on Twitter shared a sequence from a recent interview where Showrunner Matt Owens stepped up to speak about the coming series. He said that there will be a different approach to Sanji’s live-action persona. Matt said that instead of being a total drooling simp, he will be more of a practical hot-shot flirt.

Here’s the video

The cast of Live-Action One Piece Netflix includes Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy, Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro, and Jacob Romero Gibson as Usopp.

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