One Piece Paris Treasure Hunt

Hey, readers! Are you ready for some One Piece news? This may be quite unexpected but surely exciting for fans! Have you thought of a One Piece treasure hunt? Like maybe a real-life Straw Hat crew searching for some lost treasure in Paris? You may have encountered this One Piece Paris Treasure Hunt organized by a fan. If you are around the area, and also a One Piece fan, you may want to check out the details below. We’ll tell you when is the event and the mechanics of how you can join!

About One Piece Paris Treasure Hunt

One Piece fans really are on another level, imagine doing a treasure hunt around Paris? Well, Young Cap, a known influencer and One Piece fan organized this two-weekend event. The first weekend happens on Saturday, September 17th, 2022 at 2 p.m. While the final weekend happens on Saturday, September 24th with the final 15 winners! Read more below!

  • All One Piece fans who would like to try to win the treasure can join this event! Try joining the hunt, and if your treasure hunting and solving skills are enough (are the best!), get a chance to qualify for the final round! Maybe even bring home the treasure!

Qualifying Hunt

  • Originally, Young Cap posted the mechanics in French. Peek at the Tweet below. Let’s move on to how the treasure hunt works. On the first weekend, check out Young Cap’s Twitter for clues that bring you to specific places in Paris. If you reach these places, you can encounter puzzles or riddles you have to solve. If you are successful, you move to the final weekend (the final hunt!).
  • BUT, do note that there are only 15 qualified winners to battle in the last treasure hunt! Also, if you fail a single puzzle, don’t worry and lose hope, move on to the next one!
  • Rough English translation: The Treasure Hunt will take place Saturday, September 17 from 2 p.m. We will swing 15 clues on Twitter that will lead to places specific to Paris!
    In these 15 places, you will be facing a puzzle that you will have to solve in order to qualify for The Final Hunt!

Finale Hunt

  • Moreover, in the final One Piece Paris treasure hunt, you don’t have to do it solo! The Final Hunt happens in pairs (you may be paired with an influencer, Youtuber, or simply a One Piece fan!). It will not be broadcasted live but filmed in a format similar to Beijing Express. This filmed video will be the one uploaded on YouTube.
  • Rough English translation: The 15 will be qualified for the Final Hunt that will take place on Saturday, September 24! On that day, the qualified will be in a duo with one (Influencer, Twittos, Youtuber, or fan of One Piece). They will team up to access the legendary treasure left by Young Cap in a trunk at the Treasure. (Beijing Express format and it will be filmed).
Image Courtesy of @Kawamatsu9 | Young Cap via Twitter
  • We hope you enjoy the treasure hunt, crew! Even if you didn’t win the largest treasure Young Cap hid, the other participants in the final hunt still receive gifts! Also, pretty sure treasure hunts are tiring, so each participant receives a delicious meal as well, thanks to their sponsor!
  • The content of the biggest treasure is still unknown and kept a secret by Young Cap. Maybe we can know after the event ends, or maybe a surprise announcement? Let’s wait for that! If you have any questions, you may ask Young Cap through direct messaging, look below.

  • A quick note, according to a Volsiz report, the event has not been approved by the Paris City Hall. “I never gave a gathering place. The clues are there to avoid this kind of gathering and that there are lots of people in the same place” Young Cap said.

That’s it, crew! Are you up for the challenge?

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