One Piece: Will Gear 5 have multiple forms like Gear 4?

One Piece Will Gear 5 have multiple forms like Gear 4

The unveiling of Gear 5 marked a monumental turning point in the story of One Piece. This awakened power-up lets Luffy finally go toe-to-toe with Emperor-level Pirates. Given that Gear 4 had its own variations alongside the base version, one question arises. Will Gear 5 have multiple forms like Gear 4? Let’s find out.

Forms of Gear 4

Warner Bros to animate One Piece Gear 5 Luffy
Image Courtesy of Grand Master Animes on Youtube

When Luffy first revealed Gear 4 against Doflamingo, he debuted the dense muscle-inflating power of Boundman.

  • This initial form focused on melee attacks and boosted defense, though Luffy could only sustain it briefly.
  • His later unveiling of Tankman and Snakeman demonstrated Gear 4’s versatility, adapting for durability or speed respectively.
  • This precedent makes Gear 5’s lone form shown so far intriguing. There are also hints that Gear 5 could showcase additional forms in the future.
  • Firstly, it took time for Oda to debut Gear 4’s other modes in the manga. Gear 5 has only been displayed for a few chapters so far.
  • There may be latent abilities Luffy has yet to tap into through battle experience.

Luffy’s Awakening

Gear 5 is Luffy’s Awakened form and thus may inherently lend itself to a single flexible form rather than variations. Its powers derive from unbound creativity. So instead of switching forms, Luffy can simply adapt on the fly by altering his body or surroundings with his awakened powers.

  • However, The current Gear 5 heavily focuses on offense and agility.
  • Developing a defensive or stamina-conserving form in the Gear 5 umbrella would follow Luffy’s pattern from Gear 4.
  • Ultimately Gear 5’s potential depends on how Oda envisions awakened Zoans. They’re still quite mysterious overall in One Piece.
  • Perhaps Luffy has already realized his fruit’s full potential. But given his penchant for revelation through action, more forms could certainly manifest when the plot demands it.

Will Gear 5 have multiple forms?

One Piece Gear 5
Leakers confirm that the first Gear 5 Episode will be 1071 (Image via Shueisha, Eiichiro oda)

If Oda does opt to reveal new modes or forms, the best way to name them would be after Gods or Divine entities as a nod to Luffy’s rise to the status of the Sun God Nika.

  • One potential variant could grant Luffy maximum speed and evasion. Drawing inspiration from the swift messenger god Hermes from Greek Mythology, Luffy could gain teleportation-like movement to land rapid multi-directional blows.
  • Combining that with his awakened powers, Luffy will be nigh invisible and intangible.
  • Additionally, a defensive form could emerge, perhaps named after the Greek titan Atlas who was forced to bear a celestial sphere.
  • This would allow Luffy to condense his rubbery body into an impervious shield akin to Gear 4, but with the flexibility and creativity that comes with his Awakening. Gear 4 Snakeman and Gear 4 Snakeman are the results of such variations.


While the current Gear 5 design and abilities are plenty impressive on their own, the chance remains for Luffy to introduce supplemented forms. But he may not need them to fully master his newfound power. Either way, Gear 5 opens up a whole new world of possibility for Luffy’s fighting style. Oda is sure to show fans ever greater heights of this awakened Mythical Zoan fruit.

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