One Punch Man Manga Chapter 171 release: what to expect?

manga chapter 171

One Punch Man Manga Chapter 171 is all geared up for release. If you’ve been a follower of the series, you can take a breather as the official Twitter account of Yusuke Murata the manga’s official illustrator, gives good news. Murata had previously taken a month-long hiatus after finishing the previous arc.

Saitama in a special side story
Saitama Side Story by the Mangaka | Courtesy of Crunchyroll |

The manga currently, as of June 2022, 26 has over 26 volumes released. The present is perhaps the greatest time for the One Punch Man anime to blossom, and it is also already geared for production. Amidst the ending of an amazing arc and the beginning of some new storyline, where does One Punch Man New Manga Chapter 171 lead us to? The One Punch Man manga is written by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata.

More on The Previous Arc

Saitama and Genos
Saitama and Genos One Punch Man Manga Chapter 170 | Snapped from Viz |

We previously worked on explaining One Punch Man Manga Chapter 168 and what the implication of Garou was in the Monster Association Arc. Check that up. The Monster Association arc has been the peak of One Punch Man Manga so far. The storyline followed the coming together of Monsters as they gathered under the king of all monsters – Orochi.

  • One Punch Man recently finished its Monster Association arc, sifting through the nemesis named Garou as he gained god-like abilities. The recent chapters really put a jolt to Garou’s relentless growth as a villain. It was the latest and final edition of the Human Monster Saga.
  • The arc winded up with Garou finding that his means never justified his ends and that he has failed to manifest ‘the absolute evil’. Or to be more precise, GOD’s abilities.
  • The Monster Association Arc saw a hand load of the finest One Punch Man scenes ever. Bang vs Garou, Orochi vs Saitama, the appearance of God, introduction of Blast were all very hyped from the get-go.

One Punch Man Human Monster Saga Story Arcs

Story Arc Name Manga Chapters Within Arc Run Date
Garou Introduction 40-41 October – December 2014
The Blizzard Group 42-45 January – April 2015
Hero Hunt 46-51 May-July 2015
Monster Raid 52-65 July – August 2015
Super Fight 66-77 Sept 2016 – June 2017
Monster Association 78-170 July 2017-August 2022


As one can see, a majority of the Human Monster saga was focused on July 2017 to August 2022. It took a whopping 5 years for the monster association arc to finish, and a straight 8 for the overall Human Monster Saga. The Saga’s name refers undoubtedly to the human monster, Garou.

How Did The Monster Association Arc End?

  • It ended with Garou redeeming himself after realizing his actions killed Tareo, the only person for whom he wanted to change the world into a better place. Upon his realization, Garou falls into despair and asks Saitama to solve everything.
  • He then teaches Saitama how to travel through time, untimely allowing the peak of Saitama’s prowess –  Zero Punch. (Zero Punch is a causal reverse move where the user punches the person and moves time back and hence all the physical damage is taken back.)
  • Trusting Saitama to solve everything, Garou gives up the abilities he had received from God to become a Cosmic being.
  • Saitama reverses time to undo all the damage Garou had caused. Garou loses his prowess and is taken under Bang who now promises to look after him.
  • The entire character development of Saitama and Garou is reduced to ashes. Slam dunked into oblivion as all characters forget any of the progression that happened. The time travel undoes all memory of everyone to the point where Garou had declared himself as the ultimate evil, moments before his fight with Blast. However, Genos retains his core which has a record of all the memory.
Garou and Bang in One Punch Man Manga
Garou and Bang in One Punch Man Manga Chapter 170 | Snapped from Viz |

What is The New Arc Going to Be About Starting Manga Chapter 171?

Without any background source, it would have been difficult to assume what may be heading toward us. But the ONE written (and illustrated, albeit not so professionally) webcomic has a hefty amount of material to be adapted. The new arc will set things up for the Neo Heroes arc and will introduce characters such as Fuzzy and Blue. With only Genos remembering the events, things are likely that Saitama will find his way to Zero Punches once again. The Beginning arc of this saga is about the Psychic sisters and shall follow Tatsumaki and Fubuki, the psychic sisters.

One punch man manga chapter 170
Chapter 170 digital cover, snapped from Viz


The greatest potential foe for Saitama might eventually be God. Unless there comes another entity that completely exceeds god, it is highly unlikely anyone of any lesser beings will even fair against Saitama. This does not mean that this will deprive the story of its standard. Half of what One Punch Man manga is about is to tell a story, irrespective of how it ends. It usually always ends with Saitama one punching through the story, but most of the time that’s just what’s intended.

Garou and Saitama in Anime
One Punch Man season 3 key visual as released on the official website

While we are at it, season 3 of One Punch Man is preparing for production. A key visual was released. Check it out here.

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