OpenAI: Is ChatGPT down? (April 16)

OpenAI Is ChatGPT down Unable to Load - The latest update (March 20)

As of April 16, 2023 (11:56 PM GMT+8): A number of users have reported that chatGPT is currently experiencing another period of downtime/outage.

It seems ChatGPT is down for all users.

ChatGPT down March 29

ChatGPT Down April 16
Issues reported by users today (GMT+8) via Down Detector
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OpenAI: How to Check if ChatGPT is down? Server Status Checker

[ORIGINAL STORY] March 20, 2023: There have been several reports of problems with ChatGPT. It might be as simple as loading slowly to as severe as being unable to use the Plus function. The majority of affected countries appear to be in Asia. The most recent information is available in this article.

  • As of March 20, 2023 (10:19 AM PDT): A number of users have reported that chatGPT is currently experiencing another period of downtime/outage.

ChatGPT Down Again

  • UPDATE: The issue has now been resolved for the majority of users.
  • As of March 19, 2023 (2:42 PM PDT): The problem has been formally identified by OpenAI. It has been reported that the fix is now being deployed.

ChatGPT Down Update

UPDATE: It seems the chatGPT downtime is now happening worldwide.

ChatGPT Down Unable to Load

Is OpenAI’s ChatGPT down?

Yes. It seems like most of Asia is currently experiencing ChatGPT outages. A number of people have voiced their frustration that not even ChatGPT Plus users can effectively utilize the AI chat feature.

Nevertheless, OpenAI has not yet found the stated problems. As of right now, 20 March 2023, there have been “no incidents” reported to them.

ChatGPT Down March 20
Reports of ChatGPT outage courtesy of Down Detector

Twitter Users Report outages

How to Check if ChatGPT is Down

Why is ChatGPT not loading / working?

ChatGPT is a web application, hence it needs servers just like any other website. They tend to get overloaded when subjected to excessive amounts of traffic. Simply said, that’s why the ” at capacity” error sometimes appears. The servers are overwhelmed by the number of queries.

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Image Courtesy of Jonathan Kemper (Unsplash)

How long do I have to wait if full capacity?

OpenAI appears to be limiting access when its servers are “at capacity” due to the high expense of maintaining ChatGPT. It may take a while (even hours) to wait it out if you’re using the free version, but if you’re patient, you’ll get in.

ChatGPT Plus Users are the Priority

  • Join ChatGPT’s Plus service to avoid the “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” notice. Customers who pay will be prioritized above those who use the free version if the server becomes overloaded.
  • In this way, you can make use of the service whenever you need it. There’s a price tag of $20 on this, of course. Those who rely on this resource on a regular basis will find this to be a small sum.

What is ChatGPT?

As of its release in November 2022, OpenAI’s breakthrough ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence techniques to provide responses to inquiries and requests.

What are the uses of ChatGPT?

  • ChatGPT is a general-purpose language model designed to provide explanations for a wide range of queries, from the everyday to the utterly peculiar.
  • Users are utilizing ChatGPT in a wide variety of creative and unusual ways. ChatGPT is so flexible that it may be used for everything from making creative pieces to forecasting the weather.

Are you experiencing some issues using ChatGPT today? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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