The Darkmeyer expansion for OSRS is finally out and there’s a lot to dig into. It finally adds the new city of Darkmeyer, as well as a new quest called- Sins of the father’s quest.

Here’s everything you need to know about the game’s latest expansion:-


The story takes place in the vampyre city of Darkmeyer where the players will come face to face with Lord Lowernial Drakan.

Quest Requirements

The new quest ‘Sins of the father’s quest’ requires a certain requirements before it will be available. They are:-

Quest Completition- A Taste of hope, Vampyre Slayer

Skills Required-

  • 62 Woodcutting
  • 60 Fletching
  • 56 Crafting
  • 52 Agility
  • 50 Attack
  • 50 Slayer
  • 49 Magic

Quest Starting Point

For starting this quest, players will have to speak to  Veliaf Hurtz outside the town of  Slepe.


Hallowed Crypt

Players looking for more challenge can venture into the  Hallowed Sepulchre which is the game’s crypt.  The Sepulchre is full of traps so players will have to venture carefully. Although they will be well rewarded in the form of Hallowed Marks, which serves as the currency.


Daeyalt Mining

Darkmyer is full of minerals such as Daeyalt. Players with 60 mining can mine Daeyalt which they can exchange with Daeyalt essence from NPC’s. Daeyalt Essence provides 50% more Runecraft XP, which will give players a tactical advantage.


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